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10 Unique Amazing Experiences in New Zealand


New Zealand is, undoubtedly, one of the most interesting and beautiful countries in the world and if there was ever a country that should be recommended to visit above any other, it would be this one. It’s the kind of destination where you should rent a campervan hire and visit as many places as possible during your time there.

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To give you an idea of why a New Zealand trip is one that won’t be forgotten, following are 10 great experiences that you can only have in New Zealand:

  • Maori culture is abundant in New Zealand and this kind of historical richness and respect for their culture isn’t found anywhere else. New Zealand does a great job at preserving the history and ancient places of the Maori people and you will be able to explore some of their old buildings, enjoy Maori food, and get to know more about their culture during your time there. One place that you should visit if you want to dive in to the Maori history is Rotorua.
  • You can whitewater raft in many places, but for some of the most thrilling whitewater rafting imaginable, you can only experience it in New Zealand. Near Christchurch, you can find some rapids that will define the word adrenaline for you and will provide you with adventure like you’ve never experienced before.
  • The abundance of natural beauty in New Zealand is something highly unique to this country. While many countries may boast of one or two natural wonders, New Zealand has natural beauty galore. From hot springs and beautiful mountains to waterfalls and rainforests, New Zealand has a lot to boast about. It’s hard to find another country where you can hike in several different national parks in a time-frame as short as a week or two. Take your campervan hire and see all the natural landscapes that New Zealand has to offer.
  • You can only visit the set of the Hobbit in New Zealand because that’s where most of the film was filmed. If you remember some of the landscape scenes from the Lord of the Rings, you may be interested to discover that they were also filmed in this country. It’s no wonder though because as we mentioned before, New Zealand is full of natural beauty.

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  • Visit with and observe kiwi birds. The Kiwi bird is unfortunately an endangered animal, which is truly a shame as it is New Zealand’s special bird. It’s one reason why people from New Zealand are called Kiwis. Here, you can visit the breeding centres to observe these wonderful countries and lend a hand if you want to.
  • Enjoying a Hangi is something that you can do in New Zealand and while Kiwis who live in other places may try it abroad, there is nothing like the unique experience of laying a Hangi in Rotorua. This is an experience that you must have while in the country. You’ll love the experience and the tasty meat.
  • A unique experience in New Zealand that cannot be exactly replicated anywhere else is a night spent stargazing. Because there are places in New Zealand that are designated as areas with minimal light pollution, you can have the opportunity to see the night sky and the stars in a way that you have never seen them before. A great place for this experience is the Aoraki Mt. Cook Mackenzie area with its Dark Sky Reserve.
  • You will never see as many sheep in one country as you will in New Zealand. This may not be the unique experience you were thinking of; nevertheless, it is something that is truly special about New Zealand.
  • Another uniquely New Zealand experience is visiting the Te Papa Museum and seeing the biggest colossal squid on display in the world. It is a truly amazing experience and one that you shouldn’t miss. Can you just imagine swimming in the ocean next to this amazing squid found in the Antarctic waters?
  • You can only walk the steepest street in the world in the one place that has received the title of the steepest street and that location is in New Zealand. If you’re in the mood for some gluteus and thigh exercise, go ahead and visit Baldwin Street in Dunedin for an original experience.

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New Zealand is truly a unique country and one that welcomes thousands of visitors every year. It’s rich in natural landscapes-and very different ones in such a small country-, fascinating experiences, and best of all, friendly people.

If you have been thinking about renting a campervan hire to explore a country, New Zealand will most likely be the best place for an unforgettable road-trip. From the scenery to its unique history, it’s a place unlike any other.