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Things to Do and Places to See Near Palolem Beach


The Palolem beach is exclusively stretched amidst an amazingly beautiful coast enclosed by palm and coconut trees and hillocks. In South Goa, this place is surely one of the best and a popular attraction for tourists. It is an exceptional place for distinct forms of water dominant sports. Palolem is eventually surrounded by towering headlands on the opposite side, is one of the most picturesque natural bay present. This beach is home to one of the most gorgeous beaches in Goa.

Stationed in South Goa, Palolem Beach is exclusively 61 Kms from the Airport of Goa. You can exclusively book IndiGo flights at cheap rates to visit this amazing place. In Goa there are a number of beaches to visit, however, it will not be an excess to state that Palolem beach is possibly the most enticing and gorgeous of all beaches. It is one of the finest and amicable beaches in Goa, as it’s not much crowded. It is enveloped by beach cottages for every compact budget traveller and dining spaces catering exceptional Goan cuisine.            

Below mentioned are few of the reason to visit Palolem Beach:

  • Palolem beach is surely one of the finest beaches in Goa at Southernmost end of the Goa adjoining Karwar in adjacent Karnataka.
  • The beach is fundamentally pristine and is exclusively occupied by foreign tourists and fishermen.
  • This gorgeous beach is eventually a bit like what Goa exclusively used to be a hippy haven in the 1970s where most travellers live in shacks along the coastline or in suburbs around.

Palolem is surely one of the Idyllic beaches in Goa. Palolem beach is always acknowledged as the prominent beaches in Goa. Palolem has also become a centre for substitute lifestyle, Meditation, Yoga, etc. Several no-frills hotels here provide that substitute lifestyle memory. Palolem appeals empiric and long-stay tourists seeking to acknowledge a bit of substitute lifestyle experience and a bit of hippy of Goa.

Sadly Palolem has been imbued by tourists, overpriced sellers and hawkers: it is sometimes tough to move up the beach at eventually high tide due to the dining spaces jutting into the exceeding waves and you will surely be inquired about your agendas for dinner a few moments. Although, in the off period, when you can acknowledge the beach vacant the gatherings, you realize that it is perchance a gorgeous beach in Goa.

What Makes A Visit At The Palolem Beach So Special?

  • Its long extension of exceptional coast makes it beautiful
  • Palolem beach is amazingly attractive because of its amazing serenity
  • Get fascinated by Mighty Sea waves
  • Acknowledge exceptional view because of the amazing curvy shape of a beach
  • A trip to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Beautiful and fully clean  beaches
  • Assess Spotting Dolphin in boat expedition
  • Not like North Goa Beaches, it is harmonious and not too commercialized
  • Enticing cuisine of Goa at Shacks and restaurants
  • A must visit Monkey Island

Make sure you carry the good sum of money with you as there are no ATM’s beside the beach. Palolem is not an ideal space to shop but there are amazing craftspeople on the beaches. There are few mini shopping markets on the beachfront. Few of the places are exclusively owned by westerners providing western labels at vying but fixed costs.

General accommodation in non-peak travel season should amount Rs 250-600. Clean rooms with Air-condition, TV, etc. can just go for around Rs 800-1050 or eventually more. If you are exclusively seeking for the better worth, try nearby beaches to the south.

Eventually, there are lots of beach shacks along Palolem Beach. Advance booking is tough as the respective personals do not take reservations on call. Most of the general cost shacks would amount about Rs 600 -850 and are very general. Do go through before you compensate. The huts at the beach are temporary and exclusively are economical, so do not forget to bargain.

So if you were willing to fly down to this amazing place for refreshment, book vying IndiGo flights now for an amazing weekend!