Top attractions you must add on your bucket list before flying to London

London, the capital of Britain, is one of the world’s topmost travel destinations attracting millions of tourists from all around the world. Setting its roots back in Roman times, this city has a profound history and heritage. London with its vibrant arts and entertainment centres, captivates the souls of avid art enthusiasts. The city extends its old charm through the perfect display of royal palaces, museums and cathedrals. With the magnificent scenery of the river Thames, this city presents an enchanting aura.

London has always made it on my top foreign travel destinations list. Since foreign trips are an expensive affair, I didn’t proceed with any planning. However, one day I saw an amazing deal about a London trip on a social media page and immediately started with my research for more exclusive offers. Finally, with the help of Intermiles, I roughly chalked out a plan for my London trip. I completed myinternational flight booking and purchased a cost-effective flight ticket. For the next step, I booked myself a suite room at the Central Park Hotel and after that, I worked out my London itinerary. Since I arrived in the city at midnight, I reached the hotel directly. The following morning I began my London tour and covered the following attractions within a day.

Visited Westminster Abbey

Front view of the Westminster Abbey

I began my London journey after having a delicious breakfast at the hotel. I rented a cab and started the morning by visiting the famous sacred place of the city which is the Westminster Abbey. Marked as the landmark location where the official King or Queen gets crowned, this place stands as a remnant to witness the heritage and history of Great Britain. Westminster Abbey was initially known as the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter. Presenting the Gothic style of architecture, Westminster Abbey is a must-visit place in London. Set amidst the lush green gardens, Westminster Abbey adds a scenic character to the glamour of London. I was thoroughly soaked in the history and heritage of this place. Also, I took a stroll down James Park and clicked many pictures for my Instagram profile. If you also plan to tour London for a day, then add this gorgeous location to your travel list. Make sure you reach here in the early hours so that you can cover the other significant spots of the city in a day’s time.

Explored the Buckingham Palace

Panoramic view of the Buckingham Palace

After a full-fledged historical tour at Westminster Abbey, I went to explore the Royal residence, Buckingham Palace which is 4 minutes away from Westminster Abbey. Built in 1837, Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic buildings of Great Britain. Since the accession of Queen Victoria, this property is serving as the residence of the Royal Family. At this royal establishment, I witnessed the Changing of Guard ceremony. This ceremony takes place at 11.30 am regardless of the season. After watching the colourful marching, I went to The Mall which was a close attraction nearby. If you are planning your trip to London, then visiting Buckingham Palace is a must-thing to do. Also, if you pay a visit to the Palace on a particular occasion, you can even spot the members of the Royal Family facing the crowd from the central balcony.

Rode the Millennium Wheel

The alluring view of the Millennium Wheel

I stopped for lunch at a cafe near Buckingham Palace and after that, I carried on with the next remarkable destination of the city which was the London Eye. Popularly known as the Millennium Wheel, this extraordinary construction is a large metal Ferris wheel. Millennium Wheel is recognised as the tallest cantilever wheel in the world that offers a bird’s eye view of the entire city. Attracting more than 4 million tourists every year, this giant wheel is the iconic figure in the London sky. Consisting of 32 capsules, this wheel comprises multilingual guides who deliver commentary on the different landmark sites of the city. When I rode the wheel, the weather was pleasant and that contributed to the elaborate observation of London. I was quite thrilled with the Millennium Wheel ride and wish to do it again on my next London tour, if possible. 

Clicked insta-worthy pictures at the Big Ben

Close up of the clock tower at Big Ben

After an enthralling ride of the London Eye, I paid my next visit to the iconic clock tower of London, Big Ben. Considered as a renowned landmark of London, this clock tower is appreciated for its gigantic bell and accuracy. Connected with the entire clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben is a 14 feet long figure. Designed by Sir Edmund Beckett Denison, this tower stands proudly over 96m. Inside the tower, I witnessed the belfry where all the bells are installed. From there I climbed 399 steps to the Ayrton Light which is a lantern atop the Big Ben that is lit when the House of Parliaments sits in the evening. At Big Ben, I clicked plenty of pictures that were sufficient to update my social media handles. Thus, if you are planning a London trip in your mind, then add this beautiful location to your itinerary without fail.

After a long day of London expedition, I went straight to the hotel, had dinner and concluded my day trip to London. The experience was ecstatic if you ask me. And if you have chalked out your dream London trip, then stop procrastinating and reserve your stay at a prominent London hotel. Once you are here, you will get to know London’s grandeur at its best.


How to Qualify for Italian Citizenship

If you are wondering how to become an Italian citizen, worry no more. You may obtain                                                                            Italian citizenship even if you were not born there. The journey to becoming a citizen can be a bit lengthy but rewarding.

Several guidelines can help you know whether you or your family member qualifies for Italian citizenship. You are eligible to become an Italian citizen under the law by marriage, descent, or meeting specific criteria.

Descent Italian Citizenship (Jure Sanguinis)

According to Italian law, you are eligible for Italian citizenship if your ancestors kept a continuous citizenship line until your generation. If you got born in a different country and you received its citizenship at birth, known as jure soli (by the law of the soil), you are eligible to claim to be an Italian citizen “Jure Sanguinis” (by bloodline law). However, you must have vital documentation and meet other available requirements.

Marriage (Jure Matrimonii)

The Italian law allows you to apply to be a citizen since 27th April 1983. If you are a foreign spouse to an Italian citizen living in Italy, you qualify to be a citizen after two years in marriage. However, if you live abroad, you will wait for three years in marriage before getting Italian citizenship. The vital documents you need include a marriage certificate, proof of residency document, and criminal background clearance.

Naturalization or Immigration.

Those people born in Italy before 16th August 1992, but later became citizens of another country, automatically lost their Italian citizenship by naturalization. If you are a victim of naturalization because of past immigration processes, you can reclaim your benefits and rights of dual citizenship.

Renouncing To be an Italian Citizen

You can renounce your rights as an Italian citizen because of personal or business reasons. Dual citizens living abroad under the register AIRE (Registry of Italian nationals living abroad) can also voluntarily renounce being Italian citizens. To do that, they need to declare formally and submit the vital documents at the consulate on their appointment day.

Benefits of Becoming an Italian Citizen

  • You can buy property in Italy and decide to live there.
  • You get the right to work and apply for jobs in the European Union
  • You are free to live, study and work in Italy and across the 27 countries in European Union without a visa.
  • You become a qualified Italian voter, and you can travel anywhere in the world using an Italian visa.
  • You enjoy the right to public education and high-quality medical care that only European Union citizens have access to them.
  • You can import vehicles and other valuable items tax-free from the United States to Italy as your personal properties.
  • You can establish and reconnect cultural and family ties that associate with your Italian heritage.


There are legal paths to reclaim your rights as an Italian citizen. However, you must provide necessary documentation that proves that you are eligible. There are three ways in which you may qualify for citizenship. They include by marriage, by descent, and by naturalization or immigration. You can also renounce your Italian citizenship through a formal declaration and submission of necessary documents at the consulate. If you qualify for Italian citizenship, you may apply to enjoy the many benefits available.


The best water parks in Poland

Water parks are fun and good relaxation for everyone – both for children and adults. Regardless of the season, whether it is hot or freezing outside, water parks attract crowds. Water madness is a perfect idea whenever you dream of a pleasant break from visiting the monuments of any given city. Our trusted partner ITS Poland, a polish travel agency, helped us prepare a comprehensive list of the best water parks in Poland.  A wave of attractions guaranteed!

Park of Poland – Suntago

Park of Poland is the largest tropical water park both in Poland and in Europe, located in Wręcza near Mszczonów, 60 km from Warsaw. The park is divided into 3 thematic zones: Jamango, Relax and Sauntaria. The Jamango zone is a one-of-a-kind water jungle full of attractions. There are 300 real palm trees, 4,000 sunbeds, 32 slides on 6 floors with a total length of over 3.2 km for children and adults, a wave pool, wild rivers, as well as an outdoor and indoor playground. In the Relax zone 400 palm trees imported from Florida, Costa Rica and Malaysia were planted. It features an 840 m² thermal pool with two bars and a 20,000 m² garden. In addition, in this zone you can use massage rooms, vital pools, 3 “Dead Sea” pools and solariums. The last zone – Saunaria – is a sauna zone with an area of 2500 m2. There are 12 themed attractions, including 10 saunas from all over the world.

Reda Water Park

The Water Park in Reda is the only water park in the country connected to an oceanarium in which sharks swim, brought straight from Sri Lanka. Here you will find also the first rotating slide in Europe – Aqua Spinner. During the 90-second downhill ride, you will learn how the lack of gravity “tastes” and what it means to accelerate to 40 km / h. In addition, for those looking for a challenge in the aquapark, there is also a slide with 3 levels of difficulty – Multi Adventure – where you can raft on a pontoon with the whole family and Blue Cosmo, with unusual visual effects and a vertical Ultra Speed slide. For those who prefer quieter attractions, the Volcano awaits, an extraordinary 24-person jacuzzi spraying lava-coloured water, and also the pool, where you can feel like in the Baltic Sea, thanks to the artificial wave, which is produced by the “aggressive shark”.

Kraków Water Park

The Water Park in Krakow is the largest indoor water park in Poland, with the length of the slides over 800 m! In the huge hall there are three recreational pools with an area of over 2000 m², with hydro massage, counter-currents and fountains. The youngest ones will be entertained by a rushing river, a pirate ship with water cannons, or a water climbing wall. For slightly older guests there is a water gym, as well as water polo and basketball courts that guarantee great fun! In addition, the water park has a brine jacuzzi, sauna and a water bar, serving cool drinks and desserts. All pools are purged only with ozone, so you will not smell chlorine here. A characteristic feature of this water park is, as befits Krakow, a large fountain in the shape of a Wawel dragon.

Wrocław Water Park

The water park in Wrocław is one of the most visited water parks in Europe. Annually, it is visited by over 1.7 million visitors. The park is distinguished by tropical vegetation, atmospheric bridges and grottos, and 70 cm high artificial waves in one of the pools. The Caribbean atmosphere is also emphasized by the attractions available on site, including the outdoor brine pool with geysers and a lazy river inside the facility. For amateurs of thrills, a super-fast slide – High-Fly has been prepared. Apart from it, there are 6 other water slides in the water park. There is a special 15 cm deep paddling pool for the youngest children. Also here is the Children’s Bay, which is a special zone that helps toddlers from 4 months of age to get used to water. The complex also includes a sauna area and a fitness club.

Zakopane Water Park

Zakopane Water Park is a great proposition for those who cannot decide whether they prefer splashing in the water or admiring mountain views. In the summer season, you can swim in thermal pools or sunbathe on a sun lounger, and at the same time admire the wonderful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. The water temperature in the outdoor pool is 32 degrees! Inside, there is a recreational pool with swimming lanes, a recreational and therapeutic pool and a children’s pool. The Wild River and 5 slides, the longest of which is about 170 meters, await fans of water experiences. The offer is completed by Jacuzzi bathtubs, Sauna World, a 5-lane bowling alley and numerous bars.

Sopot Water Park

The Water Park in Sopot is the most famous water park in the Tri City. Although the aquapark is only 100 meters away from the beach, there are plenty of enthusiasts of water madness. All thanks to the attractions available on the spot, including 5 year-round swimming pools, the longest wild river in Poland winding 71 m long, three slides, including the extreme Turbo slide and a water grotto. With the youngest in mind, there is also a smaller pool with water cannons, geysers, artificial animals and slides. You can also use the year-round outdoor pool, and in the summer season, the outdoor pool with slides for children and a water playground. There is also a bowling alley, restaurant and sports pub.

Why is it worth it?

The water park is a great form of entertainment that is worth taking advantage of during summer travels. The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to test the most interesting water parks on your own skin. Our trusted partner, ITS Poland – Polish travel agency, will help you plan your trip so that there is enough time also for a bit of madness.

Travel Insurance

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Navigating through the process of immigration can be very difficult. It is not an endeavour that many want to experience alone. There is lots of paperwork that has to be done correctly and it is in a language that many immigrants cannot translate on their own. The lack of understanding often confuses immigrants. This could cause major delays in the status of citizenship or even uproot someone from their home completely.

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

Immigration lawyers provide an array of legal services to their clients:

  • Visa application aid
  • Green card application aid
  • Deportation issues
  • Naturalisation
  • Citizenship
  • Employment/workforce aid

Sufficient representation is important to have so that there no problems arise for the person going through this process. An immigration lawyer has the knowledge needed to complete the journey. A professional immigration lawyer in Leeds understands and upholds the laws required to weather the immigration progress. It is invaluable to hire someone who has expertise.

In many situations, applications can take several months or even years to be fully completed. These laws and procedures can be confusing if they are not taken care of properly. Working with a lawyer saves time from being wasted.

Other Benefits to Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers can help a person in many ways. Beyond filing paperwork, they can help immigrants update their status to the local government. A lawyer can help a person whose stay within a country has expired. Immigration lawyers also help find immigrants legal employment. Applying for jobs, manoeuvring through Human Resources, and collecting payment could be very difficult for a person.


Get to the Airport on Time and in Comfort

Getting to and from the airport can be just as difficult as any part of the traveling process. Getting to the airport on time means being able to get through security check points, getting bags checked, and making certain that you get to your gate on time.

With airport transfers in Hamilton, it is possible to take one of those stressful scenarios out of the question. That means being able to focus on the journey through the airport and what lay ahead at your destination, making for a more enjoyable experience.

Airport Transfers and More

A great Hamilton airport transfer will do more than offer trips to and from the airport. There are also services available such as:

  • Minibus hire
  • Days out
  • School runs
  • Nights out
  • School trips
  • Corporate trips

That means reliable transportation in any kind of situation or circumstance. That means not having to worry about how to get where you need to be.

Courteous, Friendly Drivers

The best Hamilton transfer services are more than just a ride to or from the airport. It means having drivers that help you load up your luggage and provide a quality experience from start to finish. That can make traveling a more comfortable experience throughout.

If you are looking for a stress-free trip to and from the airport, booking an airport transfer is ideal. It will allow you to focus on the other areas of the trip and feel better about the entire day.


Where Can a Chauffeur Take You?

There might come a time when you decide that you want to go somewhere, but you might not be able to physically get to that location for whatever reason. It could be that your car has broken down, or it could be that you simply don’t want to drive. No matter what the reason is, you can rest assured knowing that there will always be an option for you in these situations. You can always rely on a chauffeur to take you to where you need to go.

Finding the Right Chauffeur for You

As you begin to think about the idea of hiring a chauffeur in Kingston, you might also begin to wonder how one could help you out, and what a chauffeur could offer. A reliable chauffeur service will provide a number of services for you, including the following:

  • Offering pre-booked taxi appointments
  • Handling quick-response and ASAP minicab services
  • Providing airport transfers for you or a group of friends and family
  • Taking you wherever you need to go, when you need to go

If you need to go somewhere and you are unable to drive yourself there, then in many cases, the next best option to consider is to rely on the assistance of a chauffeur. Before you know it, you will arrive at your destination, and you will be able to carry out your day as normal.

Why Should You Contact a Chauffeur?

Some people might wonder what makes a chauffeur special. Many chauffeurs and their cars are high quality, but most importantly, they provide a private way of getting from one place to another, rather than a conspicuous taxi. Chauffeurs know how to drive safely and they know how to drive you to your destination in a timely manner, so that you can continue about your day.


Key Questions to Ask a Minibus Rental Company

Renting a self-drive minibus is great for all kinds of occasions, you can take it to a wedding ceremony, it is useful for team events or you can take it on a day trip into the countryside. Before you hire a minibus, there are certain questions you should ask the rental company. Cheap minibus hire in Swindon is easy to come by, once you do a little research you’ll find a reputable company to hire from. Hiring a self-drive minibus for an event or gathering has numerous advantages, some of which include:

  • Hassle-free
  • Flexible Rental Terms
  • Properly Maintained
  • Range of Vehicles
  • Personal Support

When you go to hire a minibus, make sure you ask all of these important questions.

Is it restricted to the UK?

Some rental companies will allow you to drive to Europe if you hold an international driving permit, others allow UK travel only. It is best to check with the rental company before you take their vehicle overseas.

Do I need my driving licence when I pick up the vehicle?

Nearly all the rental companies in the UK require you to submit your driving licence in person when you pick up the vehicle. Ask the company before you arrive to collect the rental.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

It depends on the company, but most won’t allow you to smoke or vape inside their rentals.

Can an 18-year-old hire a minibus?

This again depends on the rental company, 99% of them require minibus drivers to be over the age of 25.

Travel Insurance

What are Some Travel Insurance Mistakes you Should Avoid?

Traveling is much more than just visiting a new place. It gives you a break from the monotonous routine and allows you to rejuvenate your mind and body. Also, with rising awareness, the purchase of travel insurance in India has witnessed a steady increase over the years.

However, there are certain mistakes that you must avoid while buying a travel insurance plan:

  1. Inadequate research

This is one of the fundamental mistakes made by most people while buying a travel insurance. It is important to compare various offerings before zeroing on a policy. Travel plans differ in terms of coverage offered, inclusions and exclusions.

Therefore, it’s essential to research the various types of policies available before opting for one. You can compare multiple policies online through aggregator portals and choose the one that best aligns with your needs.

  1. Not buying sufficient coverage

One of the biggest mistakes people do is to misjudge their coverage requirements. Since a higher coverage requires a higher premium, some people tend to buy plans that provide just the bare minimum cover such as loss of baggage and belongings.

However, make sure your domestic travel insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage against all the possible incidents that you may encounter during your trip, including medical contingencies, delay in flights, emergency evacuation, etc.

  1. Hiding medical information

People often conceal information related to health while purchasing travel insurance. However, it can lead to claim rejection. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you need to reveal it to your insurer. Also, in case you have purchased the insurance policy before the diagnosis of the condition, you should inform your insurer about the same.

Revealing these details may raise the premium but save you from the possibility of policy rejection on the grounds of concealing information.

  1. Being unaware of the policy exclusions

More than knowing the policy inclusions, it’s important to know the exclusions. These are events or situations where a policy doesn’t offer you coverage. For instance, if you travel in a prohibited area and suffer damages, your policy will not offer you coverage.

Similarly, if you engage in activities which can result in accidents, your insurer can deny your claim. Hence, it’s essential for you to go through policy wordings and make sure you are well aware of the exclusions.

  1. Ignoring financial jargons

Reading the terms and conditions of a travel insurance policy can be a tedious exercise. However, no matter how tiresome and time-consuming it is, it’s essential to do so with utmost care and attention and understand the financial jargons.

You should be aware of the meaning and implications of all the technical and legal jargons of the document. For instance, your travel insurance might be applicable only on holiday trips and not business trips. In such a scenario, you might be denied coverage for any contingency faced during a business trip.

  1. Not being careful while doing the paperwork

There have been many instances where despite being eligible for the coverage, the insured could not recover the claims, due to wrong or incomplete documentation. Insurance paperwork is not difficult but requires attention.

Even a minor mistake related to your identity or otherwise can lead to disproval of your claim. Also, when you buy travel insurance, all the relevant documents and receipts of the policy should be kept together along with an electronic copy for the same.

  1. Ignoring claims process

When you buy a travel insurance policy, it’s essential to know the claims process. After all, initiating claims when required is a crucial aspect of a policy. Therefore, make sure you know how to do so, online as well as offline.

Most travel insurers have a dedicated claims settlement team and an integrated process which you need to follow. Know every step of the process and the documents required to make a claim.

If you are looking for travel insurance plans at a low premium, you can consider Pocket Insurancefrom Bajaj Finserv. It provides several plans and covers for trekking, pilgrimage, and road trip cover among others.


3 Reasons to Book an Airport Transfer

When we travel by air, we frequently forget to organise our transport to and from the airport. We assume that we can just call up a local taxi and it will take us there. However, the taxi company may be busy at the time that you want to travel and you may end up missing your flight. You could take your own car to the airport, but that will cost you money to park it there and if you have been gone for some time, the cost can certainly mount up. This is why you need to book your transport before you fly.

There are companies who provide national airport transfers in Plymouth and their services are second to none. They are incredibly reliable and the benefits of using them are many. Here are some of those.

  1. Your group may be large and a conventional car is not going to be big enough. They offer bigger vehicles where you can store your luggage and still have lots of room to spare. Just let them know the size of your party.
  2. They will pick you up right at the front door of your home or business and assist with carrying and loading your bags. They arrive on time and will get you right to the door of departures, so you don’t miss your flight.
  3. Many people forget to book transport for the return leg of their trip and are stranded at the airport. You can organise it so that they pick you up on your return and get you back home safely and quickly.

Remember to book your transport well before you need to travel. That way there will be no surprises and everything goes off without any issues.


Top 5 Cruises For Rest And Relaxation

The need to get some rest and get relaxed is but obvious for most people following hectic work schedules. It is necessary from the viewpoint of the overall well-being of the human body. Different people opt for different ways and means in order to get relaxed. In this respect, going for adventurous cruise trips such as relaxing Red Sea Cruises for few days offers you the requisite break from your work and routine life in an awesome manner. You may spend time in a leisurely manner on the cruise ship being selected by you. Also, it gives you a chance to explore your ever-dreamt of places in an enjoyable way. Here are the top five cruises for ultimate rest and relaxation for you.

Opt for the Red Sea Cruise

Of course, you may feel totally stress-free by opting for the relaxing Red Sea Cruises. It lets you explore some of the most enthralling and loveliest treasures across the globe. Additionally, you will be amazed to enjoy the lovely climatic conditions all through the year by opting for this cruise. You may visit beautiful Egypt and the archaeological sites of Jordan on this cruise.

Try Regent Seven Seas

If you are looking for some pampering and also wish to enjoy all the luxuries of life Regent Seven Seas Cruise is the right choice for you. You may enjoy marvellous spa sessions, delicious food, drinks, games and activities and of course thrilling shore excursions.

Crystal Cruises for ultimate and absolute relaxation

With some of the most appealing packages on offer, this cruise line also offers ample amenities and luxuries that are always looked forward to by the travellers. It offers excellent housekeeping services, mouth-watering dining options at the ships’ bistros, wines and other drinks as well as additional facilities. These may include fitness classes, onboard enrichment classes and entertainment.

Get relaxed with Holland America Line

If you are looking for total relaxation during your cruise trip then it is the perfect option for you. You are facilitated to enjoy a quiet cocktails by the pool while reading a nice book and sailing across the sea on this cruise. For the entertainment of the passengers, some exciting activities are also offered such as theme parties and waterslides and so on.

Princess Cruise to enjoy your trip in a royal manner

The spacious, airy and calm atmosphere of this cruise ship surely lets to have total rest and relaxation that you eagerly look forward to. You may clearly enjoy the outside views facilitated by the glass panels. It also lets you enjoy an amazing dining experience with so many options for entertainment.

With all such wonderful cruise options available to you, you will definitely be propelled to start planning your excursion now and look forward to an enjoyable time ahead.