Home Travel Finished An Adventure On Dewata Island? Let’s Get On To Gili Trawangan!

Finished An Adventure On Dewata Island? Let’s Get On To Gili Trawangan!

Dewata Island

Being a Bali voyager of course there are many objects that can be explored there. However, the beauty of Indonesia is not only about Dewata Island. Don’t you agree? The reason is, now there are many tourist attractions that have sprung up and are promoted so that they become more known.

Especially for those who have been around voyager bali and are looking for other tourist attractions to enjoy their beauty, they can make Gili T their next destination. What is Gili T? In order not to be curious anymore, let’s look at the following points.

Important Information About Gili Trawangan

1. What is Gili T and why is it so popular?

Gili T is another way of mentioning Gili Trawangan. This is one of the popular tourist spots in Lombok. We can access this tourist destination using a fast boat or speed boat from Bali Island.

Gili T is the right destination for anyone who likes diving or snorkeling activities. We can see the underwater scenery as much as possible because the water is very clear. Not only is the underwater scenery beautiful, the beach is no less cool too.

The beach here faces east and west which makes it the right location to enjoy both the sunset and sunrise. The good, Gili T is the right place for anyone who is tired of being exposed to motor vehicle fumes.

The reason is, here there are no motorized vehicles and the means of transportation are horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. Not only is the air clean, the beaches are also clean. The people here are also very friendly.

2. Various Interesting Activities That You Can Implement on Gili T

Like the previous explanation, of course you can know at a glance what you may do while on Gili T, right? Or more easily, if you make a list of activities that you can carry on, it looks like this.

  • Play on the beach which is very clean and the water is clear while enjoying the sunset and sunrise when the time comes.
  • Snorkeling and diving. You can rent the tools, so you don’t have to bother bringing them from home. Besides that, you can also play jetski, banana boat, paddle board and many more.
  • Watch a Presean or Stick Fighting show. This is one of the symbols of male virility of the Sasak Tribe, one of the indigenous tribes on Gili T. This show will feature two people fighting using shields made of buffalo skin and rattan sticks.
  • Go around the island by bicycle or horse.
  • Witnessing the turtle rearing process at the turtle conservation area. In this place, turtles are kept until they are finally released into the open sea and this release is usually carried out with traditional ceremonies there.
  • Watching movies together on the beach, because there are indeed some spots that offer this facility with a wide screen.

If you look at the location, Gili T is not too far from Bali Island. Therefore, those of you who still have more time can move on to this pollution-free island.