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Important Things to Know Before Booking a Helicopter Tour

Booking a Helicopter Tour

If you have chosen Hawaii or Palm Springs as your next vacation spot, then a helicopter tour will probably be right at the top of your to-do list there. While there’s the thing that there are few things in life that can be as exciting and thrilling as a helicopter tour, there are also places that are just not accessible using a car.
And this is why a helicopter tour is believed to be a must thing to do when in Hawaii or Palm Springs. If you have already decided that you will do a helicopter tour when in Palm Springs or Hawaii, then let us simply walk you through some important tips below.

Go with a Company That Makes You Feel Safe

Accidents during helicopter tours aren’t unheard of at all, especially in Hawaii. In fact, there’s probably no company in Hawaii that hasn’t been involved in any accident over the past decade or so.
And when you know this, it’s easy to feel anxious during the tour. Needless to say, this can very well ruin your tour experience, that could have otherwise been a memorable one.
So a good way to approach this issue is to do a decent amount of research online on different helicopter tour companies, their safety ratings, experiences of past customers and more.
You can also look for the safety certification FAA Part 135 Air Carrier, which ensures that you would be having a much safer tour than with other companies without this certification.
Finally, you can also call up a particular company you have decided on and ask them any questions you have, and book them only if you feel comfortable with their answers. This will help get rid of the anxiety and allow you to have an exciting experience.

The Route is Important

Most people simply book a helicopter tour, without having any idea of the route they will be taking. Do some research and figure out what you want to see from the sky.
Once you’re done with that, you can check with different helicopter tour companies about which ones offer the route you have chosen, so that you can see specific parts of the island, some other things you have heard of, or simply try to see as much as you can.

The Tour Duration

The tour duration is another important factor to consider. Most helicopter tour companies offer different tour durations, but they typically range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
The 45 minutes duration is believed to be a sweet spot, as it gives you enough time to discover the place you’re flying over while still feeling excited, but without making you feel airsick due to being in a helicopter for too long.
Similarly, when comparing two different companies, also compare their duration and not just the price. This is because a 45-minute tour for $300 is a better deal than a 30-minute tour for $250.