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Different Ways To Obtain A Us Green Card


Taking part in the Diversity Visa Lottery presents a fantastic chance to become a permanent resident of the United States. However, not every candidate can take every route to obtain the desired US immigrant visa. This guide will explain some popular Green Card procedures.

The green card lottery

Every year, the green card lottery, sometimes called the DV Lottery, gives 55,000 individuals worldwide the opportunity to live and work without limits in the United States. People from participating nations have an equal chance of getting a Green Card because of the lottery’s random drawing concept, assuming they complete the application process without error.

You can increase your chances of obtaining a Green Card by two or even three times in the following situations:

  • Married couples have a double chance since both of them can apply separately.
  • Families with adult children have a triple chance. Parents can follow their offspring (who have won the green card) to the US after a few years.
  • Asking your parents to play the Green Card Lottery will increase your chances of winning a Green Card threefold if you are under 21 and single.

Employment-based green card

Except in cases where a US citizen might hold the desired position within the US, the following categories are eligible for employment-based Green Cards:

  • People with a master’s or doctorate and five more years of professional experience in their field
  • Professionals and qualified laborers with at least two years of training or experience in the field.

Green card via matrimony

You can obtain the right to a green card through marriage by marrying a US citizen. However, because US immigration authorities are very watchful due to concerns about fake weddings, you and your spouse will need to put a lot of time and anxiety into this procedure. Be ready to overcome the following obstacles to obtain a green card:

  • Detailed inquiries about your life together
  • Excessively short deadlines for submitting supporting documentation
  • Rejections of applications without prior requests for supporting documentation.

Green Card via kin

You are immediately eligible for a family-based Green Card if you are unmarried and under 21 or the parent of a US citizen over that age! All you need to do to apply is provide proof of your family relationship. If you are the brother or sister of a US citizen over 21, or if you are a descendant of a US citizen over 21, the application procedure takes a little longer.

Green Card for exceptional talent

You may be eligible for an EB-1A Green Card if you have extraordinary talents in a field that would benefit the United States significantly, such as science, art, academia, or management. Examples of prerequisites for EB-1A include:

  • You possess a track record of exceptional accomplishment in a specific field (such as an Academy Award, Pulitzer Prize, or Olympic gold).
  • You’ve been the subject of articles published in scholarly journals and other mainstream media.
  • You have held positions of leadership or decision-making authority in esteemed companies.
  • You receive a high income or noticeably more remuneration than others in your industry.

The Takeaway

An expert green card attorney can review your alternatives with you and assist you in choosing the best one for your goals and circumstances.