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Experiencing The Best Of KLM Airline

KLM Airline

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, founded in 1919 still operates under the same name. Although initially it only served Netherlands and its colonies, the network has extended to many parts of the globe. In all these years, KLM has been accredited a several times. It still operates under the name it was founded by. Flying can often bring about the bitterest experiences of your life. However, you wouldn’t have to face this misery when flying through KLM. One of the best aspects of choosing the airline is the wonderful customer services it provides to its passengers. The airline offers a range of services on its different classes. To enjoy the best of these benefits, the KLM miles turn out to be a great option.

Here are some of the best experiences when flying with KLM Airline.

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Meet and Seat

Whether you view it favorably or are against it, the Meet and Seat service of the airline has become quite popular since it got introduced. While being stuck in a plane, especially on a long haul flight, it is miserable to be surrounded by unwanted passengers. The ones who never stop talking and questioning are surely the most annoying ones. KLM solves this problem by introducing this service through their social media accounts. Through this, passengers get to know like-minded people and have the freedom to connect with them. In this way, you get to choose to sit with someone you want.

Although some passengers think this is exposing too much of private data, it is still an interesting service.

Be My Guest

Back in 2012, KLM devised the Be My Guest service. This campaign allows KLM passengers to access a chat room where they get to talk to the famous Dutch celebrities. Passengers would never give up the chance of sitting next to a famous personality. For this competition, the passengers answer five questions. The celebrities get to choose the best ones to travel with to an amazing destination.


Like mentioned before, KLM assists passengers all the way. The Dutch airline makes your shopping experience entirely free of hassles. The airline would offer the passengers some exclusive items only provided by them. Before boarding, the customers can purchase these products through an online portal. The purchased products will be brought to their seats inflight. This saves them from the pain of carrying bags everywhere.

The KLM Planner

The planning of group trips is no less than a mission. The trip planner of KLM effectively tackles this challenge by letting passengers collaborate and devise the best travel plans. These passengers might be residing in different parts of the globe. It is a great chance to connect with people who have the same interests as you and helps you to make the most adventurous plans of your life.

All these services show that the airline truly cares on optimizing the customer experience and change the trends of any negative experiences passengers may have related to flying.