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One Road, Two Wheels


Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a relaxed Sunday rider, cycling has become a popular pastime over the past decade. This comes as a little surprise, given that cycling is a great way to exercise for all ages. Cycling culture is growing across the UK. Beautiful winding roads and scenery also add to fun and action-packed vacation destinations for those who love to cycle.

Here are five reasons that you should plan a cycling trip in the UK.

Outstanding Scenery

UK proudly boasts some of the most picturesque countryside in the world, from rugged wildernesses to crystal-clear lakes. One of the greatest ways to take advantage of gorgeous UK backdrops is to visit them first-hand and cycle through Britain’s natural landscapes.

From the amazing Yorkshire Dales to rural Northumberland, the UK is filled with lush landscapes and greenery. You might just find your own little corner of the Great British countryside to stay in as there is a vast number of postcard-worthy luxurious cottages in and around Yorkshire.

Diverse Routes

Britain’s cycling community is impressive, meaning that there are exciting scenic trails to enjoy wherever your cycling holiday base may be. From the North York Moors in Yorkshire to the Trossachs in Scotland, the range of beautifully challenging routes scattered throughout the countryside means that finding ways to explore Britain’s natural beauty is easy and often breathtaking. Britain’s cycling clubs also hold events throughout the year, making it easy and welcoming to all who want to jump on the cycling bandwagon!

Meeting the Locals

If there is one universal truth about the UK, it’s that the locals are widely acknowledged to be some of the friendliest people that you will meet in the world. Whether you are traveling through the Welsh countryside or even the north of England, you’ll sure to be greeted with a smile and made to feel at home. Stopping in local pubs throughout the UK to meet some of the friendly locals makes your cycling holiday in the UK even more memorable.

Cycling Is Family Friendly!

One of the most popular things about cycling is that literally anyone can participate. This makes cycling an unforgettable and perfect getaway for the whole family. Immersing yourself in nature is great way to travel as a family in addition to staying active. With the extensive amount of cycling routes for all ages, you won’t struggle to plan or enjoy your trip.

Affordable Means of Travel

It’s no secret that cycling through your holiday is a far more affordable means of travel in contrast to driving holidays. Cycling means enjoying money-saving benefits such as a lack of fuel costs and avoidance of costly tourist hotspots. Enjoy the revitalising powers of the outdoors while saving some money in the process!

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular budget-friendly holiday solution. What are you waiting for? Research and plan your cycling trip today!