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Munnar Tourism – The Ideal Standout Honeymoon Destination


Munnar is a standout amongst the most well-known hill station resorts in Kerala and south India. Munnar is situated on the Western Ghats, arranged in the Idukki district. You will witness nature’s unceasing and immaculate beauty during your stay in Munnar. Also known as the Kashmir of South India, this beautiful hill station is flanked on one side by the Arabian Sea and on the other side by the Western Ghats. Munnar pulls in visitors from everywhere throughout the world in view of its lovely natural beauty, serene ambience and was considered as one of the main summer destinations for the British rulers.

Munnar tourism received a great boost when the National Geographic Society picked Kerala as one of the 50 must-see destinations. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India and Munnar is a standout. It is the most popular hill station resort/town with long stretches of vast lush tea plantations, picturesque view of beautiful landscapes and many a place which offers various outdoor activities to its visitors. The town in itself is normally Indian with the typical shops, hotels, resorts and is truly delightful and conventional. It is a decent place to stay to visit for plain sightseeing or a quiet getaway. It is also considered as one of the prime locations for Indian honeymooners.

The town is partitioned into two sections, Old Munnar, where the visitor data office is, and Munnar, where the transport station and most lodgings and guest houses are found. The best thing about staying in one of the hotels in Munnar is the view your get from the hotel. Choose a hotel in a nice location which is placed on a slightly elevated than the rest of the town to get the full panoramic view of the whole hill station. This sight is especially more captivating when you get up in time to witness the sunrise or sunset.

A standout amongst the loveliest thing that makes up the unprecedented scene of Munnar is the widely planted tea gardens which look superb from close and far alike. Try not to miss the opportunity to visit the tea gardens and experience the sentiment being in one. Begun by the British, the tea ranch which extends for miles and miles adds more to the delightful regular scene of Munnar. The brand of tea “Kanan Devan” is developed and prepared here.

South India has a mix of everything to offer to its visitors. Major cities with the most modern infrastructures and facilities alongside with cities and towns of historical importance and picturesque hill stations. This part of India sees tourists and traveller’s whole throughout the year and Munnar tour packages sells like hot cakes. With the flexibility available, you can book your own packages and set your number of days you wish to stay and choose a theme or purpose of your visit. The most common among the Munnar tour packages is the honeymoon package.