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Incredible European National Parks


Whether it is about the culture or history, food or entertainment; Europe will always stay one of the best places to make your way to. The continent forms part of the best countries, all unique in its own way. Scenic beauty is one thing you’ll find everywhere in the continent. If the weather allows, these spectacular places provide the opportunity of adventuring the best about Europe. Among these attractions is the spell bounding national parks of Europe. Each one of it is extra ordinary in its own manner and gives the perfect opportunity for spending a day out and about. Here are some of the finest national parks in the continent that you must make the effort to explore.


Situated in northwest England, this national park is one of the most popular destinations for locals and foreigners alike. The greenery surroundings and scenic views are an eye candy and provide the best nature break you can possibly imagine. The Lake District National Park is a wondrous patchwork of lakes, woodlands and valleys. Whether you decide to walk, hike or bike a ride, the scenery is going to captivate you totally. The only drawback is the unpredictable English weather. Lake District can become a misery during the rainy season. Summers are the ideal time of the season and this is where all the cottages will be packed with tourists.


Being one of the best national parks in Europe, it is also the only one of Slovenia. It beautifully fills up the northwestern part of the country. This sheer beauty would immediately attract your attention. The park gets its name from the highest mountain in Slovenia. The beautiful mountain peaks and valleys are the highlight of your stay in Triglav. This park is one of the oldest ones in Europe, and despite that it has been preserved wonderfully. Although the park invites various activities, hiking is the most famous of these. Lake Bohinj brings the possibility of a lot of thrilling water sports.


While Turkey offers a lot of wonderful attractions to its tourists, you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of missing out the country’s Göreme National Park. The fairy chimneys of the park are the most popular aspect of it. It is amazing to discover about their formation and to tour the entire length of Göreme. The cave homes are also very attractive for the tourists. One of the activities you can’t leave without is the thrilling hot balloon ride at sunrise. Throughout the journey, it is amazing to see how the sky changes its colors and the serene view from the top. For many, entering the land of Fairy Chimneys would be bringing back all those magical fairytales you’ve come across. That is how amazing Göreme is!

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the fast paced city life, these incredible national parks of Europe are the best treat and guarantee you one of the most relaxing breaks of your life.