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Innovative Vacation Matchmaker Redefines Travel

Vacation Matchmaker

It’s time to use technology to personalize your travel experience.

Over the last couple of decades, planning has gone from going to your trusted travel agent to a totally online experience with little or no personal help. Travel agents got to know their clients well and would make recommendations based on who they were. They knew what their clients like in terms of style and traits. They know what sort of people they like and understood that character and personality played a big part in selecting the right vacation experience.

All of that got lost with the advent of Do-it-Yourself online travel planning. Instead of talking to a live agent travelers now fill in forms, click on buttons and search through piles of options. You may look for elegant, comfortable accommodation on the beach. But do you know the culture of the place? Often the style, ambience and character of a destination may be at not be what you were looking for. That’s because you don’t search by character and search engines just do not take personality of the hotel and the traveler into account. Travel search engines are not real live travel agents who know you and they have not so far been able to understand the human dimensions and nuances of personality in travel choices.

But all of this is changing with the advances in Artificial Intelligence, which attempts to put the personality back into personal. We’ll talk about that below…

A Vacation Matchmaker – Focuses on Psychological Comfort.

There are endless parameters that influence your holiday experience and how you enjoy a travel destination. You may be travelling for adventure, or to connect with others and socialize. You may enjoy thriving social environments and thrilling activities. But you may just want to travel to escape, in which case you want a break from society, to rest and recover from the business of life. Obviously, these traits aren’t the only psychological orientations of travelers. There are many more.

If we assume that there are only 7 basic personality traits that means there are 823543 combinations! Understanding and account for these variation is a massive task and this is precisely the objective of the new bread of Matchmakers for travel.

The aim of the vacation matchmaker is to personalize hotel and activity searches and deliver recommendation suited to the psychological needs of each personality!

No More Old School Searching Methods.

It’s a fact that travelers are frustrated with the conventional approach to searching, finding, planning and booking holiday vacations.

But, many brands are already implementing new approaches to match travelers for vacations – based on nuances such as mood rather than price and amenities.

You see, travel is about the experience, and amenities do not describe the experience at all.

The right match has to do with who you are and what you like based on character, mood and personality traits.

You may be a connoisseur, but that can mean a lot of different things. Or maybe you prefer being an artisan or an avant-garde than a classic traditionalist.

The new matchmaker travel application matches travelers with accommodation and vacation experiences based on these subtle but vital traits.

You should take the time to explore those subtle traits. And you need a place to do so. You can see it at work on PersonaHolidays vacation planning – Go to Website for a live demonstration >>

PersonaHolidays – Using MatchMaker.travel Inference Engines.

PersonaHolidays is an application using the vacation matchmaker that is a highly personal inference engine, that infers a lot about your character from the choices you make. It tracks every click and button you press and translates that into traits and character that is matched with villas, hotels, apartments and vacation of every sort.

Obviously, there are many options to choose from and it can be very hard to tell one hotel apart from another. That’s because they all tend to have the same amenities and facilities. They are located on the beach, on the oceanfront, with garden view, city view or mountain vista. But all that really does not define just who they are. Nor does luxury or budget describe ambience or character. In fact price, amenities and location are commodities.

What does matter today is character and personality. That is the criteria that Matchmaker focuses on as it cuts matches up the commodities you need and sets out to pair you up with a hotel with the style and character best suits you.

Fast Research and Filters.

  • As you can imagine this requires a vast amount of processing power and it has to be extremely fast and efficient. Matchmaker.travel and its application like Persona Holidays, is nuclear fast. It used techniques perfected in chemistry and nuclear science to match and correlated thousands of combination and parts. Check it out for yourself here>>