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China Visa Department – most trusted service of expedite China visa in Atlanta

China Visa Department

China is one of the most prominent countries in the Asian continent frequented by millions of travelers and tourists from across the globe. Since few years back, China had its doors closed to foreign travelers for various reasons. Though these restrictions are eased now, there are still some areas in which the country is rigid and follows tough rules and regulations.

Visiting China for various purposes

With eased rules and regulations, many people now visit China for various purposes. Along with travel and tourism, people now visit the country for business purpose as well. Since business opportunities are opening up in the country and they are opening up to new ventures, businessmen from around the world are visiting the country to make investments or do business of various kinds.

Whatever be the purpose of visit of China, it is important that the candidate has valid China visa. Different kinds of visas are issued for different purposes. The documents needed for various visas are different and need to be submitted accordingly. After proper application, due submission of documents and paying the visa fee, Chinese visa is provided to the applicant.

China Visa Department – one stop destination for acquiring Chinese visa in Atlanta

Residents living in Atlanta and looking to acquire China visa in Atlanta can seek assistance from one of the best agencies in the state – China Visa Department. The agency offers visa expedite services to candidates as per their requirements. The best thing about the agency is that it provides timely assistance to customers when they need visas in the shortest span of time. The agency offers highest levels of professionalism and excellent customer services in offering different kinds of Chinese visas to US traveling people.

Different kinds of visas offered by China Visa Department

China Visa Department excels in offering different kinds of Atlanta China visa to US travelers. These include the following:

  • Tourist Visa – China Visa Department offers tourist visa to candidates depending on their travel plan and program. First and foremost, the agency helps in proper fill up of the visa application form of the candidate/candidates. For acquiring tourist visa, the candidate will need various documents including original passport with minimum validity of 6-12 months, passport photos, proof of travel, hotel confirmations, driver’s license etc. Visa processing fee has to be submitted as well, which is non-refundable even if the visa application gets rejected.
  • Business Visa–This visa is mainly issued to candidates who intend to visit China for business purpose. The documentation required for this kind of visa is quite extensive and needs immaculate screening. Business letter and invitation letter is required which reflects the details of the candidates who need to visit China from USA for business purpose. The company/organization/business house should be registered with proper details. Only after proper scrutiny and checking, business visa is issued to the candidates.
  • Crew Visa– Crew visa is one of the visas which are in high demands for US people intending to visit China. This visa is mainly for crew members who wish to sail in China in the various cruises and luxury yachts. Business letter, proof of travel and crew ID is mandatory for acquiring this visa along with the other general documents.
  • Work Visa – For work visa, you will need to furnish the invitation company from the Chinese company, where you will be working. Identity proof document, original passport, passport photos etc. are common things for all kinds of Chinese visa applications. Before issuing the visa, through background check is done of the candidate so that there are no chances of any kind of fraud.

Expedite visa services by China Visa Department

The most impressive thing about China Visa Department is that they have exceptional fast turnaround. They deliver within the deadline without any fail. Infact the agency has arrangements to get China visa within the same day of application. Such services need higher charges than normal rates, but when one needs the visa on emergency basis, paying the extra amount is not that worrisome. The delivery of the documents is also done in the most secured manner.

Atlanta residents need to look no further than China Visa Department, when they want to acquire China visa for any purpose.