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Dealing with Our Changing Immigration Regulations: How to Find a Reputable Business and Employment Lawyer


As various immigration stipulations and codifications are put into effect, such as the immigration skills charge, increase in minimum salary threshold, resident labour market test, and Biometric Residence Permits, it’s important to insulate yourself from the vicissitudes of our ever-changing legal system, regardless of whether you are a visa holder or a domestic business owner in today’s day and age.

So if you’re in need of immigration advice and services in Leeds, for instance, please refer to this brief article as an introductory guide to help you find a fantastic lawyer.


Although many law firms claim to have an in-house immigration specialty, it’s important to note that there are over 15 different types of valid visas in circulation today and countless tier-based systems to keep up with, which is why you’ll want to hire a legal team that focuses solely on immigration law and labour regulations.


Due to the unprecedented politicisation following Brexit, you’ll want to ensure that your lawyer of choice is in tune with the changing dynamics within the UK, especially if you want to avoid the termination of employment contracts, hefty fines, and even potential jail time. With this notion in mind, it’s in your best interests to hire a lawyer who can tout at least 15 years’ experience within the industry.

A Versatile Suite of Services for Both Employers and Employees

Finally, you’ll have to make sure that your legal team can provide an adaptable suite of proficiencies:

  • Checking employee visa statuses
  • Verifying the “right to work”
  • Real-time analysis on pending visa applications and appeals
  • Comprehensive assistance with the Home Office Employers’ Checking Service
  • Challenging adverse Home Office decisions directed at both employers and employees
  • Inclusive staff training programs included within the retainer fee