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5 South-East Asia Destinations for a Memorable Winter Holiday


It is the almost the end of Autumn and the Halloween month is going on; so you can say the iconic Game of Thrones phrase – Winter is coming. Winter is the perfect time for travelling to different places, especially the ones who remain brightly sunlit all year long. Thanks to the less fierce, slanting rays of the sun, these places are a little bit cooler and more enjoyable.

South-east Asia is one of those places where you can escape to for a scintillating winter holiday experience. In winter time, it has the most pleasant weather to roam around and enjoy all the exquisiteness it has to offer. Here are some places in South-east Asia you can visit in the winter season.

  • Siam Reap, Cambodia

If you are visiting the south-east and want a little more of a glimpse into the past than the ornate Buddhist shrines, this is the place for you. Famous for the 12th-century ancient temple of Angkor Wat, this place has become one of the favourite spots in the country, frequently visited by adventure-lovers and history-enthusiastic travellers. The archaic beauty of the age-old temple complex is mesmerising, and it is the oldest and largest religious monument in the world. Make this winter holiday an excuse for a trip down the time.

  • Bangkok, Thailand

One of the most popular tourist destinations anyway, Bangkok is for the hardcore urbanite travellers. Bangkok has something for everyone. There is ample opportunity for shopping, experiencing a wide range of local and global cuisine, a plethora of Buddhist shrines and temples to witness during the daytime, followed by a wild nightlife. The city is known for its bustling spirit that is evident on every street, and during the Christmas time, the lights and all the enjoyment increases manifold times.

  • Singapore

Singapore is a loved destination by many those who travel frequently, for its large platter serving all sorts of experience. The cleanest city in Asia capitalizes on its potpourri of culture. The skyline is complete with highrise buildings and a Ferris wheel. You can spend your winter weekend shopping or indulge in a medley of food cuisines, especially seafood, Chinese and Malay delicacies, or you can simply soak in the beauty of the city and its bright and colourful streets.

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  • Luang Prabong, Laos

A bit of an unconventional choice, but a worthwhile one for sure. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this is the place where the Nam Kahn and Mekong rivers converge. The former royal capital of Laos, it is an offbeat destination for your winter holidays to spend, enjoying the marrying of the pristine rivers and some beautiful Buddhist temples like the gilded Wat Xieng Thong and Wat Mai. The city boasts of many colonial structures as well and provides access to the nearby mountains and Kuang Si waterfalls. The place has a minimalistic, quiet vibe about it which will attract the travellers who are seeking for a peaceful weekend retreat.

  • Kampot, Cambodia

An economy based on the production of salt and pepper, fishing, and fruit-growing, Kampot in Cambodia with its cool and pleasant climate in winter is a quick and leisurely getaway for your Christmas weekend. Silent, serene and away from the chaos of the more popular tourist hubs, this place is full of secret lakes, waterfalls, old Buddhist temples, pepper farms and winding roads just waiting to be explored. The riverside promenade is the highlight of the place and ideal for a walk during sunrise or sunset. It is a perfect spot for a winter-time relaxation.

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