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Why Lake Windermere is the Perfect Blissful Destination

Blissful Destination

They say nature’s bliss is visible in nature’s lap. So when it’s time for a peaceful vacation , why everyone thinks about an urban city? Imagine yourself in a quiet and serene place where the surrounding whispers to you in the sweetest voice. Isn’t that amazing? If spending a couple of days or a week in such a destination is your pick, pack your bag for Windermere in the Lake District, UK.

The lustrous and bountiful Windermere is very adorable and nature here is extremely mesmerizing one of the very reason that many famous English poets and authors spent their lives there, crafting beautiful literary works.

So let’s talk about the magic of Windermere where you can stay in Lake Windermere hotel, enjoy great food, lovely cruise trips and lots more fun things to do.

The Beauty Of Windermere

Windermere is stretched for over 10 miles between the Ambleside and the Newby Bridge in the Lake District. It is the largest lake in England and a very popular tourist destination that attracts tourists from all over the UK since the mid-19th century. The National Park region is the busiest one and still remains a great place for group travellers, honeymoon couples, solo travellers and families.

Out of the many major attractions, the Bowness-on-Windermere is the main focus where you will find many taking a boat ride and enjoying the laid-back scenery of the island region. The shoreline is quiet and charming with wooded trails that reach up to the Claife Heights. The picture perfect landscaped area of the Wray Castle is a view to remember.

Few Places That Would Swoon You In Windermere

Luxurious Cruise Adventure

Windermere is famous for Lake Cruises that offer an exciting journey where you can explore the local surrounding, quiet district of Cumbria and a deep relaxation time out in the lake. The time of the cruise can vary from 45 minutes up to 3 hours as per how you like your journey. You can also spend a whole day just to let yourself drown in the midst of nature’s aura. From mountains to greenery and the secluded bays are truly unimaginably interesting.

Holehird Garden Is Simply Awesome

Many believe the Holehird Garden to be like paradise. It is because of the gorgeousness and splendid views of the garden area. The whole place is large and one can easily spend half of the day in the arena where there are three types of gardens, glasshouses and a display house. The Horticulture department looks after this place and it is fully operational.

National Trust’s Hilltop Farm Has A Distinct Charm

This 17th-century farmhouse of Beatrix Potter is a fairytale place where you will find the cottage garden that has the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. The place emits the vibe of that dated era’s charm. To enter you will need to get tickets which are timed. But one visit will create a place in your memories forever.

Sunny Fell Foot Park

If there is any perfect place for a sunny family outing, you cannot miss the Fell Foot Park. It is a nice idea to spend your weekend. Towards the southern tip of the Lake Windermere, this region has a wide playground, picturesque mountain views and suitable weather for picnics.

Enjoy your vacation the way you dream it to be and visit Lake Windermere once in your life.