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Types Of Hard Shell Rooftop Tents.

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Do you love going for camping? Are you used to using the traditional tents? It is about time that you upgraded. Heavy-duty tents are for the win! You will not even struggle to put hard shell rooftop tents on the camping site. They will also prevent you from touching the cold ground. If you are looking for a tent to buy, you will end up going for the hard shell rooftop tents. This is because they are well insulated, their mattresses are thicker than the soft shell tents as well as they are durable hence they last longer. Their mattresses are in-built in most of these tents. The points that follow show the different types of hard shell rooftop tents.

Autohome Maggiolina Extreme.

If you are a stylish person then this tent is for you. It is a strong tent because it has a double-layered floor of fiberglass with foam in between it. In any case, you are going to camp in areas with high temperatures you will be in luck since it is insulated. You can open this tent with so much ease since it has a crank-operated lift system; no struggles whatsoever. As you know most tents tend to make so much noise at night as the wind blows it. The maggiolina, however, guarantees you a goodnight sleep. If you have kids they will not even feel terrified because its crank design prevents flapping. Even when the winds blow at more than 50 miles per hour there will be no wind noises. It comes with a mattress that is 72 inches with widths of either 52 or 48 inches. The maggiolina is made with a thermal and acoustic insulation hence rain noise will not even have a chance of disrupting you from sleep. Isn’t that lovely? Also you will be warmer than ever.

RoofNest Sparrow.

If you have a small or a medium-sized car and you are wondering if you can get a tent that will suit its size, relax! The roofnest sparrow is the one for you. It is only 130 pounds with a universal mounting system hence it is easy to set up. It can sustain two adults weighing up to 650 pounds since it has a mattress of 3 inches. In the package it also has a telescoping ladder that is 8.5 foot as well as an anti-condensation mat. The roofnest has a layer of insulation that makes it feel very homey. It has a pair of windows and doors with canvas as well as mesh wires. The doorways can be used as shade awnings.

The above points show the few types of hard shell rooftop tents. If you have a small car you can go for the roofnest sparrow because it will suit your needs. It has several features that you will love.  If you are looking for a tent, consider all the features that it has. There is no need to buy a traditional tent and there are those that are advanced. They will serve you better and for a long duration.