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Top Local Restaurants In Vienna


Eating is an important part of your travel to Vienna. Dining out in local restaurants in Vienna, and sampling the local cuisine can produce some of the greatest travel memories. And in case you have a very serious appreciation for wine and food, you should visit the local restaurants in Vienna also.

Once you arrived at Vienna Airport, passengers have already the greatest aspect of their journey to Vienna or even the surrounding area around them. However, there remains an important question: how do passengers – and also their luggage – get to their destination or hotel in the centre of Vienna cost-effectively and comfortably? The easiest and quickest way to reach the centre of Vienna from the airport is usually by public transport or taxi where you will be able to tour around and eat in the top local restaurants in Vienna which are listed below:


Based on reports from people that can afford to eat in Korso Bei Der Oper, this place is one of the top restaurants in Vienna to visit. It’s comforting as it is surely one of the costly as my short visit showed. The food is said to be simple but is refined and also worth the price if only you can afford. The restaurant is a section of the Hotel Bristol that lends it more beautiful look and, as the name implies, is very convenient and relaxing for the Staatsoper.


At the more formal extreme of the market is the challenging Steirereck. Situated in the Stadtpark the restaurant really gives you the option of two experiences, one is slightly less formal compared to the other. And the Viennese traditional dishes available are a few more unusual ones that change always. Steirereck is also very popular for its choice of cheeses. For the major restaurant reservations are important, head to Stadtpark station available on the U-Bahn.


For decades, a lot of guides have advised that Sacher, the restaurant that the Sacher cake got its name, is the ideal place to eat in Vienna. Even though I have not tried it yet, but, I have been assured by my Viennese friends that the place depends more on tourist and hype money these days than top quality. This is something you should bear in mind if it is suggested by tourist handlers or your hotel.


If you’re after Weiner Schnitzel, then you will not be pleased with Figlmüller. The restaurant is popular for both the size of their schnitzel and the quality. You will also enjoy Dinner plate filling slabs of meat. As is the situation with any great restaurant visitors as well as locals alike can be noticed at the informal tables.


At this well-known mile-long market, a straggle of food stalls will sell everything starting from Viennese cakes and extend to Vietnamese dishes. Also, you can eat in some good restaurants – fish is amazing at Umar – or simply collect olives, bread, cakes and cheese for a picnic. On Sundays, this area changes into an entertaining flea market.