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Six Reasons To Move To New Zealand


If, like many people, you long for a new life in a country that offers more opportunity than the UK, you should consider relocating to New Zealand. There many benefits of moving, with advantages as varied as a better climate to stunning scenery. If you need to be persuaded why you should move to New Zealand from the UK, read on and find out more.

  1. Great Tax Breaks

When you compare New Zealand to the UK, you’ll see that New Zealand comes out on top. The country boasts one of the world’s lowest rates for personal tax, and those on an average salary only pay a top tax rate of 17.5%. This is significantly better than the UK’s top tax rate which currently stands at 60%. The VAT rate in the UK currently stands at 20%, while New Zealand’s equivalent, the GST, is only 15%. As an added bonus, there is no inheritance tax or capital gains tax to pay in New Zealand.

  1. Great For Kids

Whether you have children already or whether you are planning to start a family in the future, New Zealand has plenty to offer young people. The lifestyle here is incredibly laid back and there are countless opportunities which just aren’t available in the UK. The country has a world-class education system, quality healthcare and impressive statistics when it comes to safety. The emphasis on the outdoor lifestyle also helps children to grow up fit and healthy, with horse-riding, swimming and hiking being just some of the available activities.

  1. Natural Beauty

New Zealand is arguably one of the most stunning countries in the world, with natural beauty galore. From dramatic mountains to mysterious lakes and from sandy beaches to native forests, there is a world of diversity to discover and explore here, and it’s no wonder that the country has been used as a filming location for countless famous movies. As New Zealand has a population of just 4.5 million people, so you can enjoy the seclusion of the nation’s wide open spaces in peace and solitude.

  1. Excellent Work Life Balance

In the UK the pressure is on to work every hour of the day, and this high pressured lifestyle eventually takes its toll. The good news for potential expats is that in New Zealand the emphasis is firmly on finding the perfect work life balance. Ranked first in HSBC’s Quality of Life category in the Expat Explorer Survey of 2015, New Zealand is home to some of the top rated cities in the world for lifestyle. The relaxed pace of life means that you can take time out to breathe and take in your beautiful surroundings.

  1. Great Choice Of Accommodation Options

In the UK, many of us are crowded into high rise accommodation or narrow terraces in bustling cities. People who relocate to New Zealand are delighted to discover that the housing options are many and varied, and offer a much better standard of living than many of us are used to. Choose from smart urban apartments with all mod-cons and within walking distance of amenities, or opt for a stylish suburban house with plenty of room for all the family and your own spacious outdoor areas where you can enjoy the sunshine. You can even head further into the countryside and enjoy the pleasure of living in a rural idyll with your own farmland and livestock. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll benefit from high quality accommodation and a pleasant living environment with a greatly reduced crime rate when compared to the UK.

  1. Welcoming Locals

When it comes to receiving a warm welcome from the locals, New Zealand comes up trumps. 94% of people who responded to the Expat Insider Survey said that they found settling in a breeze and that the Kiwis were extremely friendly. Around 25% of New Zealand’s population originate from overseas, so there is already a deep understanding of what it’s like to relocate. There is a strong culture of hospitality in New Zealand, and generosity and mutual respect comes with the territory here.

If you’ve been persuaded to move to New Zealand to find a better quality of life, The Emigration Group can help to make your relocation go smoothly. We can help you to obtain your New Zealand Skilled Visas or advise you on the right immigration path for your circumstances. Moving to New Zealand could be the best thing you ever do, so take the plunge today.