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Roads Least Traveled: Best Places to Visit That Are Away from Civilization


With spring now starting and with summer right in the corner, it’s time to plan your family’s vacation this coming 4th of July. If you’re planning to go outside the country, we have the best places for you. But remember that the pandemic is still around, and travel can be reasonably risky, especially if you have a big family. But good news! Vaccines are available in many states, and it would only be a matter of time when it is going to be available to you and your family. Chances are, once the summer season has arrived, you and your family would have been vaccinated and ready for travel.

But where should you go? Should you go somewhere hot and tourist-heavy? Why take that risk when you could go somewhere away from civilization and safe from the pandemic while enjoying some family time together? If the latter is your plan for this summer, here are some prime vacation spots untouched by civilization.

Te Araroa, New Zealand

“Te Araroa,” also known as the “Long Pathway,” is one of the best locations you should go to if you’re planning to do some extreme hiking. Although this getaway is meant for experienced hikers looking for the hike of the lifetime, there are some particular destinations you can visit without needing to go through the extreme hike.

 The Te Araroa trail spans 3000 kilometers or about 1,800 miles. It takes an average of 120 days to travel if you plan to hike 25 kilometers (15 miles) per day. That sounds like something that an average family can’t do. This is why this trail is meant for experienced hikers! But don’t be discouraged, your family can still enjoy Te Araroa by only visiting its famous landscapes. You can take some tours that skip the hike and go directly to the beautiful scenery of this wondrous place. The best part of it all is that you are far away from civilization and the pandemic, so your family stays safe.

Anchorage, Alaska

If you want to go somewhere closer (the average trip to New Zealand is one day by air!), you can always go to Alaska, one of the prime destination spots if you want to be away from civilization.

Alaska has a lot of things to offer to all kinds of tourists. If you’re looking to do some fishing, then this place is for you. If you’re looking for some wilderness hiking, Alaska has also got that covered. If you’re just looking for beautiful scenery, there’s a lot in this place, too! It’s a safe bet for any family willing to take a couple of weeks away from home.

Additionally, you don’t need to buy an airfare to go to Alaska. You can always travel by land to add more to your vacation. Moreover, there are many all-in packaged tours to Alaska, and you wouldn’t need to look too far for them. These tours include the many things you can do in the wilderness, such as hiking and fishing. It can be quite cold there even during the summer so bring some nice winter clothes to protect yourself from the cold.

St. Helena Island

If you want to stay somewhere with historical significance, then you should visit St. Helena Island, located between the continents of Africa and South America. This exciting island was home to Napoleon during his last days, and it was also home to many freed African slaves a century ago.

Although St. Helena is one of the most secluded islands globally, it has a healthy tourist scene. Tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful and historical island. The island also has every amenity you need in the modern world. It has internet, electricity, and clean running water. You can visit Napoleon’s tomb on the island or enjoy its prime diving spots. You can spend a whole week on this island and never get tired of it. The best part is that there is no confirmed case of the virus on the island, so you’re safe no matter where you go.

Here are some of the best-secluded areas you can go to this summer. These places have everything you need for the perfect getaway. You can stay for weeks and forget about your problems and worries away. They are also far away from the pandemic, so you wouldn’t need to worry about being infected. These are the prime location spots for families who want to have a stress-free vacation. Away from the world’s modern worries and into a quiet spot where everything in life is much simpler.