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Cruise Travel Insurance – It Makes Sense


Cruise holidaying is the fastest growing sector in the tourism industry, with an estimated twenty million people per year enjoying the benefits. The places that the ship will visit are always of high interest, and the ship itself is more than just transport, with a wide range of amenities for passengers to experience. In former times, this type of vacation was mainly used by older people, but now young couples and families are turning to an ocean going trip for their annual break. The larger cruise liners are often bigger than a small town, with multiple decks and a wide range of facilities.


Most people think that being stuck on a boat means little to do but stare at the ocean, well think again! All kinds of sports and pastimes are catered for, whatever your age. Swimming, badminton, tennis, yoga, dance classes, and many indoor activities are laid on for passengers to enjoy. The level of service is second to none, and there will always be something interesting to do, should you wish to participate. In fact, a cruise holiday offers a large amount of freedom, and once you know the ship’s layout, you can decide what to do and when to do it. These holidays cater for teenagers and children with many interesting activities designed to keep them engaged. There are many myths associated with taking a cruise, but once you’ve experienced it, there’s no turning back.

Here is a list of facilities commonly found on the larger cruise ships,

  • Casinos
  • Spa and fitness centres
  • Shops
  • Cinemas
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants and buffets


Cruise ships employ top chefs who serve up a wide range of cuisines, and with many restaurants and buffets to choose from, one can really mix it up. Meals can be served in your cabin if you prefer some privacy. Add to that the amazing nightlife, with dances, cabarets and shows, to fill your evenings with enjoyment. The social life on board a cruise liner is the most enjoyable part of the trip for many. Making new friends is easy, as passengers will meet each other on a regular basis.


If you are contemplating a cruise on the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or even around the world, then cruise insurance is an essential thing to have. A cruise is a very different type of holiday, and most travel insurance will not completely cover you. To begin with, a cruise usually lasts a lot longer than a fortnight, some cruises will be at sea for months so extra care must be taken when selecting your holiday insurance.There are several reputable online brokers to compare cruise travel insurance deals, giving you the perfect insurance policy.


The very nature of a cruise means that you will be visiting many countries, so you will need a policy that covers all of the destinations on the ship’s route. It is common for insurers to exclude countries that are in a state of political unrest, so do your research and check that every country on your cruise itinerary is covered. Vaccinations are another consideration, with many countries to visit, one must check whether vaccinations are required. Failure to have vaccinations may result in a refusal to cover you for the medical expenses incurred, should you become sick.


Traditionally cruise passengers tend to be older – although this type of holiday is becoming more and more popular with young families as well. If you are aged over 65, the premiums will be much higher, with some elderly people unable to obtain coverage for the trip. Companies that specialise in cruise insurance will provide insurance for all ages and conditions. Another thing to consider is that older people tend to have more health issues, which can also affect the travel insurance policy.


Many cruises will include things like kayaking, scuba diving and jungle trekking, so it is important to make sure all these activities are covered by your travel insurance.


These can cause illness, especially with those who are not accustomed to ocean travel. Storms and large swells can cause sickness, which can develop into something more serious, and that could mean the ship having to arrange for an unwell passenger to be flown to the mainland. This would be very costly if you are not covered, not to mention the cost of the treatment.


Cruise liners, like all ocean going vessels, are subject to the weather, and quite often cruisesare postponed or cancelled. There may be one particular stop off that you wanted to make, which is cancelled due to the weather. A good cruise insurance policy will include this,compensating you for the missed port. A cruise policy should also cover any event caused by a natural disaster.


With many people staying within the confines of the ship, viruses and bugs can be easily transmitted; another reason to secure a comprehensive policy that covers for any bout of sickness that might spoil your trip. Travelling across time zones, with a variety of temperatures, canalso cause minor ailments.


With so much to do and see, and without the forced march feel that mainland tours seem to have, most people who experience a cruise holiday will become regular voyagers.The wide choice of things to do is matched only by the flexibility that cruising offers. The choice of cruises include a round trip, which returns to the port of departure, or perhaps a one way flight home when the ship reaches the final port of call. There is something to suit all tastes and schedules. So prepare well, take out suitable insurance, and enjoy the amazing scenery and excellent service that this novel form of leisure trip provides.