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A Walking Holiday: Slow Down and See Greece the Right Way


What better way to really see any location or community than on foot? People rarely abandon their cars to see their own hometown while walking. But if they did, they would discover places and things that they would never experience while rushing by in a car. It is a safe bet that they would find extraordinary places and scenery if they moved at a slower pace.

This same line of thinking can be applied to your holiday travel. What better way to really see one of the most amazing locations on the planet than on foot? Consider seeing Greece, both the mainland and the nearby Greek Isles, while walking through natural beauty and ancient architecture. It is the best way to experience this magnificent country.


Naturally, you have to be there first. But that is not a problem when you work with one of the leading providers of walking holidays in Greece. You will be close to ancient sites and diverse culture that are part of the foundation of modern civilisation. Make your arrangements for a self-guided walking holiday and you’ll be strolling in the footsteps of artists, philosophers, and conquerors from centuries past.

As you walk these age-old paths, you’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery, including the bright, sharp colours of the islands. Experience panoramic landscapes, massive, famous gorges, along with historic temples that will transport you back to an earlier time. In addition, you will be within sight of the remarkable azure waters of the Aegean Sea.

Make your plans with a company that brings two decades of experience to planning and organising walking holidays. Follow the lead of past clients who have taken home once-in-a-lifetime memories of majestic Greece and its amazing people. Not only will you enjoy the hospitality of the residents, but you can also sample the remarkable food in the many restaurants and local cafés.

Local Experience

When you stop in at one of the wonderful local establishments, be sure to ask about retsina or ouzo, and enjoy a glass with some of the friendly locals. This is one experience you will treasure for years. Retsina is a Greek white or rosé wine with a unique flavour. Ouzo, the country’s most popular drink, is an anise-flavoured aperitif that is an integral part of the culture. The food, the drink, and the hospitality are what walking Greece is all about.

You can get started when you visit the website of one of the top providers of these amazing holidays. Be sure to devote some time to gathering the information you need about the range of options. Self-guided tours are available in various lengths, but you can also arrange a customised experience that fits your interests and your specific schedule.

You won’t be disappointed when you work with the walking holiday experts, because they have been creating and arranging custom experiences all over the continent for years. Your trip can be as simple as you like, with time spent in a particular village or at a specific site. Or, you can make arrangements for large groups and see many locations. Get in touch today and start your journey.