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Tourism Places worth Visiting in Lahore


Lahore is famous for its delicious foods, nightlife, historical places, attractive sightseeing locations, boutiques and shopping emporiums. It is one of the top popular spot for tourists visiting Pakistan. If you are visiting Lahore for the first time along your family or friends, don’t miss out the places listed here.

Let’s make a look at some of the most popular places in Lahore and make your selection accordingly:

  1. Badshahi Mosque

Well if you are making a one day trip to Lahore or you are going to spend a week or two in the city, this is definitely the place not to miss out. The place is not only popular among historical places in the Lahore, in fact it has great and extraordinary artwork which is even idealized today!

Tips & tricks

  • The area is always crowded with traffic and it is usually annoying to travel to the location if you are using public transport. If you are interested in enjoying a hassle free and stress free drive consider using Pace rent a car in Lahore.


  1. Fortress Stadium

Looking for most popular outing places in Lahore. The list is incomplete without Fortress stadium. Specifically looking for food spots or coffee lounges or you are interested in making shopping along enjoying rides as well? this all is possible through visiting the spot. The place is favorite of all, including children, teenagers, youngsters, families, group of friends and all!

Some of the most famous places to visit in the fortress stadium include, Joyland (a family theme park, with rides and games), Mcdonald, Cock & Bull, Peri Peri, KFC ( all are food spots and you can find continental cuisine or fast food), Kashish, Junaid Jamshaid Boutique, Rubaksha  Exclusive, Imaan clothing house, Shirt and Tie (these are boutiques where you are able to get the latest and stylish outfits in affordable prices), Sozo world, Cinemax (cinemas where you are able to enjoy the movie with your firneds).

Tips & Tricks

  • Visit the place in the evening or night and you would love the nightlife of Lahore. Looking for affordable shopping boutiques, you can spent excellent time here and enjoy the yummy food in reasonable price. In the night time, it is difficult to travel back to your hotel or residential place, so you may consider booking Pace rent a car in Lahore.


  1. Lahore Safari Park or Zoo

Looking for fun places in Lahore, you may consider these places. This is because if you are having kids along with you, they would definitely love the places! With time, many food spots are now opened up in the places, therefore you can enjoy watching the animals along enjoying food as well. while zoo is located in center of the Lahore city, Safari Park is at a little distance, however if you have taken the services of Pace car rental in Lahore you are able to enjoy even more.

  1. Rana Resort

Rana Resort is popular places among resorts near Lahore and usually visit by every college, school and university each season. This is even favorite spot for families as well as place is known to have recreational activities for all.