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Things We Should Do In Maui

A panoramic of Big Beach

Maui is a wonderful destination in the middle of Pacific and there are a multitude of activities we can do in the island. Maui is known for dozens of world-class beaches, which allow us to see amazing sunsets and sunrises, depending on our location. It is simply a tropical paradise where can relax and enjoy the surrounding. We should go to watch the Sunrise at Haleakala Crater and it’s essentially an experience that we can’t describe due to its stunning beauty. It is simply something that we need to experience so we can appreciate fully. Next, we can bike down Haleakala and it also allows us to see wonderful sunrises.

The road to Hana is also a 60-mile winding trek that we should go through. It allows us to see wonderful waterfalls and rainforests. We could also enjoy gorgeous views of the ocean. Also called Ohea Gulch, the Seven Sacred Pools is at the end of the road to Hana. Each pool is connected with waterfalls and the final waterfall empties itself into the sea. Legend has it that people who swim in all pools from the first to the last can have good luck. Snorkelling is an obvious activity when we are visiting Maui. We should be able to see the island based on its underwater perspective. There are many snorkelling sites in Maui, allowing us to see wonderful marine life.

Sugar Cane Train is another attraction we should go to. It is a must for people who want to enjoy inexpensive activity in Maui. The train circles from Lahaina to Puukolii and back again to Lahaina. The train could show us all the beauty of Maui with its working old, steam engine. The conductor gives us a one-man show with his informative explanations and musical repertoire with ukulele. Maui Ocean Center is a wonderful activity for children. There are many hand-one activities that we will surely love. It has more than sixty interesting, interactive exhibits, a couple of restaurants and others.

It is also a good idea to have sightseeing on the Front Street and it is simply a shopper’s paradise. We could find quaint shops, as well as historical spots and restaurants. When visiting Kaanapali Beach, we should check whether we have the sandcastles contest day. Adults in Maui take this challenge quite seriously, while children enjoy building mountains, tunnels and small castles. We could also have an opportunity for horseback riding in Maui. We can have an opportunity to become a cowboy. Our ride may take us through the rainforest and pineapple fields.

Maui is surrounded by sea and we could enjoy plenty of coastal activities. Parasailing allows is to become human kite. As it is an engine-less flight, we could enjoy the height in complete peacefulness and silences, except for the light whisper for breeze. Scuba diving is also an exciting activity in Maui and it is an experience of a lifetime.