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The Joy of a Cottage Holiday


Exploring the world, especially Derbyshire, is more enjoyable if you book the right accommodations for yourself and any travel companions. Such accommodations will provide a wide range of benefits and advantages simply not found in any other option, especially in a hotel, that will make your stay away from home feel as if you brought home right along with you. Your time in Derbyshire will not only be more exciting and comfortable, you should also be able to enjoy enhanced privacy and more during your stay.


Unlike a serviced apartment or hotel room, a cottage will never bring you so close to your neighbours that they are quite literally a wall away. You never need to worry about hearing a neighbour come into their room late at night or very early into the morning, which can break a routine and cause you to lose sleep. In addition, any children travelling with you will never be exposed to unpleasant situations, such as hearing a couple argue loudly next door, which could cause some discomfort for them.

Cottages also have a small area of land surrounding them for at least a meter on all sides, ensuring that you are well beyond arm’s reach of any neighbours. Such space will provide you with the privacy you crave when spending time away from home, especially if you are in a new place you are unfamiliar with. This should provide peace of mind as well as a higher level of comfort when inside the property, making Derbyshire Country Cottages the best option you could possibly choose.


At best, a hotel room will come with a small microwave oven and a miniature refrigerator large enough to hold leftovers from a trip out for food and perhaps a beverage or two. Such fridges are also very unlikely to have a freezer section large enough to provide any type of actual convenience. Fortunately, this is not the case with a cottage, where you will get to enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you need to enjoy your stay with freshly cooked food.

For those staying in Derbyshire for an extended period, such as four or more days, having a kitchen on hand will make the experience decidedly more convenient. It is not always cost-effective to eat out for every meal, even if you are on holiday, and bringing some of the local spices and more home will ensure you still get a taste of the local cuisine. Whether you are a visitor to the UK or just travelling somewhere new for a break, you deserve the very best during your stay.


Even in the smaller cottages that have just two rooms, you and anyone staying there with you will have greater privacy and significantly more room compared to a hotel. You will each have your own room, a shared lounge area, and plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy a cup of tea while you watch travellers pass by the window. If you wish, you can shut the blinds, turn on the TV, and watch your favourite programs with the often provided basic cable.