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The Growing Popularity of Rugby Sevens


Rugby has been a popular sport since it was first created in the 19th century. It has been growing by leaps and bounds all over the world. As far away as Japan and the United States, rugby has become a very popular sport for audiences from children to adults. Due to the participation increase, it is also growing as a spectator sport. Thanks to its increased popularity as a spectator sport, the Rugby World cup has begun to expand to very different places. The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be in Japan. It promises to be one of the most exciting World Cups to date. If you are a fan of rugby, you definitely should not miss it.

Watching Rugby

One of the chief complaints about rugby is that the games take too long. A rugby match from beginning to end is 80 minutes plus time for halftime. That can be a very long time to sit and watch just one game. Also, the fifteen-on-fifteen games can be something of a slog in the middle. If the teams are evenly matched, a lot of the game is played near mid-field and not much progress is made for a very long time. For dedicated fans of the game, that could be very exciting, but many people prefer a more fast-paced game. If you’re looking for shorter games with more tries and more thrilling runs on goal, you should consider rugby sevens. Sevens rugby world travel packages can take you to many different and exciting places around the world while you watch rugby and see many other sights.

Rugby Sevens

Rugby sevens is a seven-on-seven game that takes place over fourteen minutes. Two seven-minute halves divide the gameplay. In many late-stage matches, there are two ten-minute halves. A rugby sevens match typically is much faster and higher scoring than a full fifteen-on-fifteen game. It’s faster because the field is the same size but there are half as many defenders to stop a player from making a run for the try line.

Also, since the games are much shorter, you can see far more games each day. At a rugby sevens tournament, you could see teams from all over the world. In the large tournaments, you can see teams as diverse as England and Estonia playing matches against each other.


While you are visiting rugby matches, you can also see the sights around the different parts of the country that you’re in. if the rugby match is in Tokyo, for example, you should choose a rugby sevens tourist package. That package will include many different games but it will also give you access to many different tourist attractions. That’s one of the more beneficial aspects of attending a rugby sevens tournament. Since each match is only fifteen minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to see other sights. Those sights can include areas near and far away from the rugby matches. A professional tour package retailer will know where and when to see the sights around the rugby matches.