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Reasons You Should Travel To A Cottage On Your Getaway


Derbyshire is no traditional getaway, but rather, a rural paradise relished for its distinctive architecture and its surreal, scenic landscape. While immersing yourself in the quaint comfort of your luxurious cottage, you will be surrounded by figments of history, the grandeur of nature, and tourist attractions as well. Derbyshire cottages make the perfect holiday accommodation, as they fuse the joy of exploration with lavish comfort and excitement. There is more to these cottages than the mere comfort of quality accommodation. You have exclusive access to spa towns, castles, manors, and many historical and cultural gems that make for a splendid holiday.


Imagine if you could overlook the vast and sprawling scenery of Derbyshire, basking in a quaint, elegant cottage with your significant other. This placid yet vibrant part of the countryside looks as if it was designed to enliven your inner romantic. This is a place that can truly awaken your sentimentality, as it takes just a single glimpse of the historical architecture and awe-inspiring scenery to become enamoured instantly. This is just one of many reasons you should stay in a Derbyshire cottage on your next getaway. Whether you are on a honeymoon, or merely celebrating an anniversary, a cottage can give you a unique and memorable experience. So, browse the wide array of cottages on offer and book the vacation of a lifetime.


These cottages are distinguished by their quaint and homelike atmosphere, but they are lavished with a decadent touch of luxury that gives them a dimension of their own. So, reside comfortably in a country cottage, attending to your personal needs, and channelling your inner explorer outdoors.


Not only is the surrounding scenery majestic, but the cottage architecture exudes elegance and aesthetic mastery. Imagine entering a cottage beautifully adorned with a striking stone terrace, with infinite views of the valley beyond. A fully furnished cottage can be a joyous treat to your visual senses. The unique decor combines the contemporary zeal of modern furniture with a classic hint of archaic sophistication.


While you will be in close proximity to the rural beauty of the countryside, you will not be in isolation should you book a stay in a delightful Derbyshire cottage. As you enter the roads nearby, you will notice a series of gorgeous cottages scattered throughout the territory.

Close by, you will have the exclusive opportunity to walk through paradise, or to simply explore this cherished region of the UK. For instance, many people visit the Lantern Pike pub, as well as Rosie’s Café for a sip of quality coffee. Stroll over to the amazing canal basin at Whaley Bridge, or bask in the classic beauty of the Victorian-themed Buxton to feed your taste for adventure.


The cottages in Derbyshire are surrounded by historical monuments and contemporary treasures. You can enjoy your modern furnishings while delving into the revered historical gems nearby. Whether your cottage is a personal getaway, couples’ getaway or family holiday, the history of this region will feed indelibly into your daily experience.

As you have already learned, Buxton is located in close proximity to the Derbyshire cottages, and this market town is both commercialised and historical, making it especially unique. One of the most enticing elements of this attraction is the Roman settlement which is replete with historical remnants of the Roman conquerors. Over the years, Buxton has evolved into a highly successful spa town, which you can explore if you book a cottage stay nearby.


Even the countryside needs a taste of technology in today’s digitally-driven world. You may decide to go off the grid, and enjoy your cottage experience without the burden and distraction of modern technology. However, some cottages are equipped with basic technologies such as TVs, DVD players and more.


Some cottages are far more discreet than others, offering you a warm, private and cosy experience altogether. Some cottages are less exposed than others are and exude a very reserved feel and atmosphere. If you are seeking a hideaway from the mundane happenings of life, then a more privately situated cottage will do.


Derbyshire is a rich and complex region of the world, and its cottages lie at the centre of a glorious sense of heritage. For instance, one of the most popular pieces of heritage is Chatsworth House, which is renowned as one of the most aesthetically beautiful homes in the entire country. Opened in 1966, this home still attractions an amazing viewership and eager tourists from around the globe. This home is owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and it is distinguished by its unparalleled art, architecture and garden. So, if you book a stay in one of the amazing cottages in Derbyshire, you will be within reach of this dazzling display of architectural beauty.

Haddon House is yet another piece of heritage that also reigns supreme amongst Derbyshire attractions. This home was once a manor owned by the Duke of Rutland, and it was constructed in the medieval times. This medieval mystique leads to its enigmatic aura and mystery, which attracts countless tourists from throughout the world. By simply booking a stay in a nearby cottage, you can explore this historical gem at your leisure. Clearly, your cottage experience will not be an insular one, but rather, one that is enveloped in a vast domain of history, architecture, and modern adventure.

Another popular heritage attraction is known as Eyam Hall, a family home which has been in possession of the same family for three centuries. This manor hails all the way from the 17th century, and its artwork and pristine architecture truly set it apart. So, your Derby shire cottage will have proximal access to so many wondrous and culturally significant locations.