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Planning a Whale Watching Trip


Watching a whale swim by up close is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. These amazing wonders of nature roam the oceans in the search for food, and migrate during the winters and the summer. Humpback whales migrate annually from May to August from Antarctica to Queensland to calve and look for food. Thousands of whales make the trip, moving from the cold waters of Antarctica to the warmer waters of Queensland. Naturally, their route takes them very close to Sydney, and if you are here during this period, you could watch these whales swim by on a private tour.

There are many local touring companies that are situated on the Sydney Harbour that offer whale watching trips. It’s a very popular tourist attraction, and offers you an experience unlike any you have ever had before. Whale watching trips can be a lot of fun, especially if a few whales decide to breach the surface of the water and reveal themselves in full glory! Whale watching in Sydney is a very popular hobby, enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists alike each year. Here are a few major things you should know about planning a whale watching trip.

Understand the Rules

Following proper etiquette when you are on the boat is very important. If you have booked a couple of seats on a boat full of strangers, it’s important that you don’t get too excited. Do not shove and heave to try and get to the corner and see the whales up close. The captain will make sure that everyone gets ample opportunities to take pictures and see the whales up close. Making too much noise is also not a wise idea as that can disturb the whales.

Another important thing that most people forget too quickly is not throwing any sort of litter in the water. It can lead to a hefty fine from the regulatory authorities and you might be banned from making such trips again. Keep in mind that you will be passing through the natural habitat of these whales, so it’s best to just observe and watch as these giant creatures pass under the water and onwards to their destination. When you book a whale watching tour, the company will give you a detailed list of all the terms and conditions you have to follow, so make sure you read through that page very carefully.

Learn to Enjoy

Rather than simply looking at the whales from behind the lens of the camera, why not just let go and really take in the sights on your own? It’s important that you learn to enjoy yourself properly so you can make some enjoyable memories here. It’s going to be a fantastic experience for you and your friends if you go on a whale watching trip. If you are part of a larger group of people, you can also book the entire boat to really have some fun.