6 Best Travelers’ Choice Train That Are Great for Travelling

India is known for the complex and lengthy railways across the nation that connects big and small cities. There are so many different types of trains in India and there are super facilities on some trains. It is a big improvement from the first time that railway tracks were constructed.

Here are some of the best train rides in India by traveler’s choice including express trains and luxury trains.

  1. Rajdhani Express

This is one of the super fast trains in India alongside the Duronto Express and the Shatabdi Express Train. This is one of the trains that has changed the face of railways in India. There are different routes that the train runs and the cabins are first to have air-conditioned in the Indian trains. Also, there are snacks and tea/ coffee such as high tea, morning tea, lunch or dinner as per the timings of the travel. Moreover, all of this is included in the train fare.

  1. Shatabdi Express

The famous Shatabdi Express train in India boasts of expanded facilities onboard and improved customer experience. Under a project Swarna some trains that includes the two famous express trains in India – Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express were selected for better services. While Rajdhani has stainless steel wash basins and auto – janitor toilets, there is real time feedback taken from travelers on Shatabdi Express too. Moreover, cleaner coaches and toilets, catering, staff behaviour, entertainment and security are main dimensions of the new and improved Shatabdi express trains.

  1. Palace on Wheels

This is India’s very first luxury train when luxury travel was introduced in the country. These were the carriages where high dignitaries, ancient Maharajas, Nizam of Hyderabad, and British viceroy traveled in earlier. Now this luxury train accommodates travelers who can pay the Palace on Wheels fare and enjoy the best sightseeing destinations in India in complete luxury. There is a personal ‘khidmatghar’ for a carriage, saloons with different bed arrangement, washrooms with running water and geyser hot water, shower, toilet, etc. This train offers meals in the lavish dining cars onboard, a pantry for snacks, bar and lounge too.

  1. Duronto Express

This express train overtakes the Rajdhani Express in terms of speed of travel. The train rolls non-stop except for certain technical halts. The very first of this long distance express train is on the Sealdah – New Delhi route which took 16 hours. Now, there are numerous routes and the Duronto Express train meaning ‘restless’ in Bengali runs various parts of the country. There is also free food offered in the sleeper class, 1st, 2nd & 3rd tiers with choice of vegetarian and non – vegetarian at booking time as it is included in the tickets. Other onboard facilities includes charger points, bottle holders, LED night lamps and switches, and also sliding doors that gives view into other coaches as they are transparent.

  1. Maharajas Express

This luxury express train has redefined luxury train travel in the country. With lavish facilities in regal ambiance and all modern facilities onboard this train definitely tops the list. There are 2 lavish restaurants with fine upholstery, lighting, wall lamps, colorful ceiling frescoes, and wall – to – wall carpeting. The food is served by professional and friendly staff on silver platter and fine cutlery. Guests can also enjoy a spa onboard and many interesting activities on off-board sightseeing tours. They are taken to visit some of the top destinations in India that are vast and ancient. There is also a souvenir shop onboard so that guests can purchase items and keep it for memory. Know more about the Maharajas Express departure dates for this season.

  1. Deccan Odyssey

This luxury train also referred to as ‘India’s Blue Train’ has 12 guest coaches with spacious cabins that are comfortable and hygienic. There is a telephone facility, around – the – clock attendant, personal safe and attached washrooms in the air-conditioned cabins. Guests can enjoy multi – cuisine served by staff in traditional Maharashtra attire in the Peshawa – I and Peshawa – II restaurants. The bar has an electric stock of local and international labels and there is a sitting lounge to relax and talk. The train also has an onboard spa with traditional Ayurvedic spa massage for passengers.


Top 5 Ways Planning Can Make Your Travel Easier

In today’s day and age, all that we need is better services, cost-efficient fares, savings and great customer service. Thanks to the advancements in technology, all of this are possible today because of companies that provide the best corporate travel management services. The following 5 tips explain how planning can make your travel easier:

  • Firstly, these companies utilise the latest technology to save us not only time and money but fuss too. These companies with their services make it fast and easier for us to access the tools that we want, be it through an email, through a person or by a phone call. We could rest assured that with them by our side, we can leave all our worries to them since they are the ones who will take care of everything.
  • Secondly, these companies understand our travel needs and put in place a kind of service that not only supersedes our expectations but want us to use their services every time we make a trip. No matter how much our company spends on business travel, these organisations make sure that we receive the same quality of travel services, if not more.
  • Thirdly, these companies known for their corporate travel management services will send one of their business development managers to gauge our travel expenditures, the kind of trips we are into and the kind of business travel needs we require. After making a thorough analysis of all this, the company will then recommend us on how to cut costs, save a good deal of money and use the latest technology available, such that they could ease everything related to corporate travel.
  • Fourthly, these firms which have been there for quite some time have the power of a network that is connected globally. These companies comprise of a team that has entrepreneurs who are well versed with creating the perfect solutions for us to ensure our corporate travel management needs are taken good care of. These companies have worked with other clients before and their success stories are all mentioned on their respective websites.
  • Fifthly, most of these companies are global organisations and hence are able to selectively network with the best of agencies across the world such that they can provide us with the most advanced solutions that in turn would lead to sturdy and lasting business relations in the world of travel.

Corporate travel management services are the need of the hour and hence these companies are in tune with the most advanced technology such that they could improve the services they provide us with for the best results. The account management team at these companies would come to us for understanding our business better and then create a corporate travel policy suited to our organisation. All that we need to do is get in touch with them either through a phone call or by emailing them.


Exploring Whanganui, NZ

Pack up your campervan hire New Zealand and don’t hesitate to visit Whanganui. There are many different places to visit in New Zealand, but Whanganui happens to be a very special place and one that you don’t want to miss out on.

Located on North Island, this area is very popular for the natural environment and beautiful places in the region, especially because of the Awa River, which is the second largest one in the country. As you road trip around North Island in your campervan hire New Zealand, make sure that you include this area on your itinerary.

As a location near water, you can only imagine how many fun activities are to be had in the area. It’s also located in a very beautiful region, so there are plenty of beautiful locations to admire. The following experiences are just a few of the things you should do while in the Whanganui area in New Zealand:

  • Visit Whanganui National Park. As mentioned before, the Whanganui region is full of natural locations and is one of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand. One destination that you absolutely must visit is the Whanganui National Park. There, you’ll find an abundance of trails for you to explore, through forests and hills and valleys. It’s a destination that is rich in history for the Maori people and is an important location in the country for many reasons. You can also go mountain biking or boating on the river. There’s opportunity for camping and hunting, as well. You can even do kayaking or canoeing on the river, and a lot of fishing enthusiasts enjoy catching anything from brown trout to rainbow trout in the river. You’ll also find some unique sites like settler’s homes and even the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • Go jet boating on the river. If you like a bit of adventure and fun while also visiting unique locations, consider going on a jet boat tour to the Bridge to Nowhere in the Whanganui National Park. Jet boats are a bit more exciting than your regular speed boat, so make sure that you’re prepared for the excitement that is waiting for you on a jet boat ride to the Bridge to Nowhere. There are also many other spots that you can visit on a jet boat tour, so research your favorite destinations and then book a tour.
  • Check out Tongariro National Park. Undoubtedly one of the most important locations in New Zealand, Tongariro National Park will always be a place that we suggest that you visit. As a volcanic park with amazing Maori history, we guarantee that it will be an experience that you won’t soon forget. It’s the oldest national park in the country and possibly the most iconic one. From the slopes of Mount Ruapehu to the alpine lakes and the abundance of hiking opportunities, if you love the great outdoors, you won’t want to miss out on enjoying Tongariro National Park.
  • Climb the Durie Hill Memorial Tower. With so many majestic places to visit in the area, the Durie Hill Memorial Tower may not be much at first glance. But, it’s actually a great monument to the soldiers who died in WW1. It’s also where you can catch a beautiful view of the city from above. So, while you’re in the city, go ahead and take some time to climb the tower and make sure that you capture pictures of the town below.
  • Hang out at the Kai Iwi Beach. A great destination for singles and families alike, Kai Iwi Beach is a must-visit beach when you’re in the Whanganui area. From a barbeque area to restrooms, and even a children’s playground, it’s a great spot to visit for a day trip from the city, where you can enjoy the black sand beach and crystal clear waters during your visit to Whanganui. Just be aware that the ocean has a couple of potential danger zones and rough currents, so you want to be sure to pay attention to the flags and potential hazards. The good thing is that this beach is patrolled.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a must-see destination in New Zealand, don’t hesitate to visit Whanganui. In this region, you’ll find everything from the most iconic national parks in the country to beautiful beaches and of course, a lot of Maori history to learn about.

As you start to plan your trip in a campervan hire New Zealand, make sure to prepare for plenty of time in the great outdoors, as this is undoubtedly a highlight of visiting Whanganui. You can enjoy staying in any campsite near the best national parks or park your vehicle in the city. Wherever you end up staying, make sure that you don’t miss out on the must-see places mentioned above. We promise that you won’t regret it.


Our experience exploring Berlin with the Berlin Citysightseeing Bus Tour

Berlin is an amazing capital. Its history, its imposing buildings and its respect for history make it one of the most interesting places in Europe. It is a very interesting multicultural city, with activities for adults and children.

Berlin, monumental Germany

There are endless visits to Berlin, stopping to contemplate its beautiful monuments. Berlin, Germany, is adorned by a great variety of monuments of great beauty that you will not want to miss. The Brandenburg Gate, once the entrance to the city, is one of the main attractions offered by the German capital. This door has been a silent witness to all the events that have taken place in the city over the last two centuries. A few meters away, you can discover the goddess Victoria on a quadriga driven by four steeds.

Get to know the tallest building in Germany by going to the Television Tower, located at the foot of Alexanderplatz. From its top you can contemplate spectacular views that will allow you to observe the city in all its splendor.

The Second World War left its mark forever in Berlin, Germany. The Church of the Remembrance is a clear example of it since it was destroyed during the war and nevertheless it was decided not to reconstruct it as an anti-war symbol. Another point of interest in the city, which also evokes a solemn sadness are the remains that still remain of the Berlin Wall. By looking at it you can imagine the terrible situation in which the city was involved, divided into two halves. But how to explore it all? And at an affordable cost? Why don’t you use the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour? If you want more info about this tour service, click on Berlin bus tours reviews & comparison.

Our experience in using Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour of Berlin

We took a few trips using this type of tourist service to get to know some European cities. So this city could not be less and we are going to leave our experience to expand the views of the tourist bus in Berlin. At least there are 4 tourist bus companies in Berlin. We chose the Tourist Bus Citysightseeing and the conclusion is that it is worth the tourist bus of Berlin because in a short time it can make a very extensive tour and with very interesting explanations.

The Berlin Citysightseeing tour bus has 2 routes:

– The Classic Tour
– The Tour of the Wall

Each route lasts 120 minutes.

During the whole trip you have comments in your language of what you see through the headphones. Each route is a ticket that costs € 19 although there is also the possibility of booking a combined tour valid for two days and costing € 25.

The ideal way to land in the city

You will only have to print the receipt that you will receive upon finishing the online purchase process and deliver it along with an identification document in any of the Berlin tour buses that you take. The truth is that it is the ideal way to land in the city and get a global idea of ​​it. We already did that with the segway because we did not need it so much anymore. Precisely the Citysightseeing did not stop at the Bundestag but at the Brandenburg Gate, near anyway, and we went there.

In general, the bus from the Gate passes in front of the Parliament, crosses the river Spree by the bridge of Calatrava, skirts the river and continues towards the column of victory. There, take the avenue that goes to the Charlottenburg Palace across Berlin’s main park, the Tiergarten.


Visit the area of ​​West Berlin, the Kurfurstendamm avenue and the Church of the Remembrance or Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. After that, you pass through the embassy area and enter Potsdamerplatz. You pass in front of the old building of the Luftwaffe and Topography of Terror and pass through the Gendarmenmarkt where you will see the French church and its German twin.

The stop

Specifically, it leaves you facing the most famous mural, that of Breznev’s kiss and the president of the DRA, Communist Germany.

Interested? Why don’t you make your booking online? Enjoy Berlin as soon as possible!


How to book Vacation Packages for Online in Eden’s Boutique?

Eden’s Boutique is considered to be the best vacation rentals in northern Israel. It has online booking vacation packages and it has online reservation facilities. You need a reservation that rental service and you go to the official website and that’s the way to book a holiday in the north Why wait until the host answers the call, just to see if he’s free or busy? You can book your vacation in less than 5 seconds, understand if the place is available and how much it costs for the night and simply. It allows vacation packages booking online reservations with immediate approval. Which B & B is included in the package? This is exactly this luxury zimmers.

Spa package discounted:

This package is one of the pre-discounted prices and the spa package includes a massage bed and breakfast. The double breakfast is served to the guest room and a therapeutic massage for couples. This package is limited to 2 nights minimum on weekends.

Vacation package discounted:

It also gives a pre-discounted price and a luxury package including a luxury bed and breakfast. A luxurious double bed is served in the guest house, a bottle of champagne per package has a minimum of 2 nights at the end of the week only.

The coupon code discount:

It provides the coupon code discount for booking luxury lodging accommodation and no matter the amount of occupancy, or the number of bed and breakfasts on the reservation, or the days. At the end of the account, the discount will be automatically calculated.

Reservation and registration card:

  • Spa treatments can be booked in advance and at a separate cost. This pool is private and without a lifeguard and spa area. This location is empty of people, lock the pool gate and the spa door. Reception is from 15:00 until 11:00. It is not possible to invite or host additional guests and who are not listed on the reservation. Music in the compound must not be brought into the compound by law.
  • I will be charged with a credit card and cash for any damage caused to the suite or its facilities as a result of unreasonable use of it. It is not possible to burn a barbecue in the compound without prior approval and coordination with the owner.
  • You can cancel your reservation up to 30 days before your free time. Less than 30 days before your stay will be charged 50% of the order value less than 10 days. Less than 72 hours will be charged at full price. This rental personally undertakes to do everything possible so that your vacation will be the holiday you dreamed of Sincerely.


Spend your quality time with you partner in HAD NES

After wedding many couples think of where to go for spending the quality time then they prefer israel to make this time memorable. There are too many places in israel to spend the vacations but HAD NES is the best place for those memorable moments.

Luxury suites in Had Nes are more comfortable and affordable as com0are to the hotels and resorts. These accommodations are very well decorated and comfortable to spend your vacations there.

In the southern Golan heights, eye-catching and mesmerising scene of kinneret Eden boutique makes your holidays special and memorable.

What Eden Boutique provides you?

Eden boutique provides you comfortable and cost effective service of accommodation. The suited available are featured with air conditioner rooms, spa service, hot bath tubs and so on. Breakfast service is provided in the suite on time.

Guests can also enjoy the service of sauna bath, indoor pool, massage and spa etc.. you can also do many activities here like rafting, quadbike , paintball, jeeps and so on.

Luxurious suites of had nes are self-contained accommodation units which are very affordable and comfortable. These suites are fine furnished and one of the art of technology. Art of these suites are attract your attention and make you feel fresh and comfortable.

These suites include luxuries double bed, separate toilets and showers, LCD TV screens, WI FI, visual and audio and DVD system. Other more facilities that you want in your vacation all are available here.

Luxurious suites of Had Nes are also provide you the accommodation with separate private rooms which also include balcony, terrace and garden facility

You can visit and enjoy the site of different places of Golan heights. You can enjoy mist clouds scene over kinneret or Sea of Galilee during the day which is very heart touching and make you feel awesome.

Why should you choose us?

Luxurious suites in had nes are much comfortable and private suites that a couple want in their honeymoon time period. They can spend their quality and memorable time with relaxation without any disturbance in private rooms. All the comforts and facilities they want are given to them.

On summer season you can enjoy the hot days and mesmerizing evenings here with your partner. On this time you don’t need to worry about sudden rain.

On rainy season you can enjoy sudden rainfall and whether on these days not so hot or cold. The weather on rainy season is very romantic as well as very refreshing.

For more information you can contact us on our toll free number or you can also visit our website.



Experience the Food, History, and Culture of Hong Kong with Hong Kong Food Tour

Hong Kong is a big city in Asia. This place is famous for many sightseeing attractions. Tourists from all across the world visit this amazing city on an annual basis. If you are a foodie then this place offers you to experience delicious and tasty cuisines. The local Cantonese food is quite popular among the tourists who visit this city. Enjoy the history and culture of Hong Kong with Hong Kong Food Tour

If you are interested in booking Hong Kong Food Tour then you can visit the website of Secret Food Tours, become a member of the business. As a member of Secret Food Tours you can check the services of the business, the food and drinks that are offered as part of the Secret Food Tours to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Food Tour offers foodies mouth-watering delicacies; it also provides the food tourists an opportunity to experience the interesting culture of the place. The food tourists can taste various tasty local culinary at the different restaurants of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is in close proximity to China and therefore the food tourists can expect to discover traditional Chinese food upon visiting that place. Apart from relishing the good food of Hong Kong, the food tourists can expect to experience the city’s culture and history.

Drinks Package Available as Part of the Food Tour Hong Kong

As part of the secret food tour, the tourists can also enjoy the upgraded drinks package. In this context, it is important to say that those who are more than 21 years of age and those who have a valid ID can avail the drinks package. The drinks package includes various types of wines. For more details about the food and drinks package as part of the Hong Kong Food Tours, visit the website of Secret Food Tours.

The Hong Kong Food tour is a three and a half hour journey. If you want to enjoy the food tour to the fullest then you can avail the professional services of the tour guides. The food tour is ideally designed for food lovers. The food tourists can taste as well as learn about the food that is popular in Hong Kong.


How to Spend a Day in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the best-kept secrets of the mountain time zone. It is the unsung gemstone of the Rocky Mountains. Many people know the Mormon history of the city, but not much more. But to those in the know, Salt Lake City is boasting full of cool things to do.

Start your day in the center of the city

Start your city tour in the heart of the city. Downtown Salt Lake City is vibrant, interesting, and full of history with great restaurants and shopping. For breakfast, I would recommend The Rose Establishment for a cute country-chic coffee shop with a full menu.

Temple Square is home to almost 20 attractions, most of which celebrate Salt Lake’s unique history. In its center is Salt Lake Temple and other architecturally stunning buildings such as the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall. The latter two can offer guests information about the history and development of the Church of the Latter-day Saints. Stroll through the City Creek Center, a scenic mall filled with boutiques and surrounded by charming streets. Maybe rent a scooter to ride around town.

You can also visit the Family History Library, the largest genealogy library in the world. Then there is the old Stock Exchange building and many picturesque squares and gardens to stroll through.

If you have time after Temple Square, check out the State Capitol building a few blocks from the city center. The State Capitol is the house for the state government of Utah. The impressive rotunda structure is a great photo op and they offer scheduled guided tours for those interested!

Take a lunch break

For lunch, hit The Garden restaurant. It sits on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and gives great views of downtown Salt Lake City and Temple Square. The view is a great bonus to the great food. They are also equipped to handle large parties.

After lunch, take a half day trip to view the Great Salt Lake, from which the city gets its namesake. The Great Salt Lake is the nation’s largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River. There are many hiking trails and picnic areas nearby. Under the right conditions, the Great Salt Lake reflects like a mirror, giving a great backdrop for pictures or for taking in the sights. You can also spot wildlife around the lake, such as bison and antelope.

If you aren’t an outdoor person, spend the afternoon the Natural History Museum instead. The museum features stunning architecture and a view that overlooks the Wasatch Range. Plus you get to learn about the history and science of the land in Utah.

Finish off the day with local nightlife

Close off your day with dinner at the Copper Onion. You will likely need a reservation to get in. Their carbonara is one of their most popular dishes. After dinner, take a stroll down to Main Street to check out the vibrant bar scene. Whiskey Street is a popular go-to with its vintage-chic lounge style. Or perhaps you want to go to a Utah Jazz game if that’s your thing. Trust us, there’s plenty to do in Salt Lake City!


Spending a Holiday in Western Australia – Lisa Dudzik perth Provides Your Travel Checklist

If you are traveling on a Western Australia trip, this travel checklist Lisa Dudzik is designed for you. This travel page is designed to offer you with an accommodating checklist to prepare you for you Western Australia holiday. By following the stuffs on this checklist, you will be ready to start on your pleasing holiday in no time at all.

  1. Book Your Trip Flight Early: Western Australia, AU is becoming a more and more popular destination for families- and men and women, for that matter – who are choosing to take a Western Australian holiday. Thus, it really is vital for you to book your flight for your holiday initially.
  2. Use the Internet as a Travel Source: In this day and time of life, an ever-increasing number of individuals are turning to the World Wide Web and Internet to make their travel preparations. This includes individuals like Lisa Dudzik Perth who are intended for Australia. You can take care of arranging all features of your Western Australia holiday online – from ticket price to the perfect Western Australia lodging.
  3. Reserve Your Housing Early: Along with making certain that you book your flight early, well in advance of your prearranged travel day, you will also have to make certain that you book your lodging well in advance additionally. Again, Western Australia is a prevalent holiday destination and you actually do need to make your accommodation reservations very early on to make certain that you get a suite or room at the resort or hotel that you wish.
  4. Lisa Dudzik Perth Asks Individuals to be Certain that the Travel Papers are appropriate: Do not put off dealing with your visa-associated issues. Currently, in some cases it can take a more prolonged time to attain a visa. Hence, you will have to make sure that you get your visa application acquiesced well in advance of your Western Australia trip. Bear in mind that in some restricted instances (and reliant on what country you are a resident of) you can apply for a travel permit online. In those cases, you can acquire a visa quickly. But you have to comprehend that this choice is not obtainable for everyone and you will want to check it out well in advance of your Australian trip.
  5. Develop a Tour of Attractions before You Leave: Do not wait until you essentially being in Australia to progress a list of the Western Australia magnetisms that you will want to take in whole you are on your trip. By planning your schedule before you take off, you will be able to make certain that you have kept back enough time to see and do everything that you want to do whereas you are on your holiday venture.

Once more, by using this travel checklist given by Lisa Dudzik Perth you will be in a far improved position of safeguarding that you have the perfect trip, including staying at the most perfect of the Western Australia accommodation selections that are obtainable to you.

Travel Insurance

3 things to consider before investing in a Paddling Board

Stand up paddle boarding is another take on surfing which is taking the fitness world by quite a storm. It is deemed as one of the best full body workouts which involve a combination of balance, strength and endurance training. You can burn anywhere from 305 to 1125 calories depending on your pace and the way of your paddling. Some casual leisurely paddling will burn much less calories than a full blown intensive paddle race. Paddling is also a super fun adventure sport during the holidays whether you want to challenge the rough waters or drift around calmly absorbing the serenity of your surroundings.

However, the first step to jump on the paddling bandwagon is to get a quality stand up paddle board for yourself. Here are the few things you should be looking for while getting the paddle board.

  1. The Construction of the Board

There are a variety of boards available in the market ranging from boards which are inflatable to ones made out of epoxy over foam. The epoxy boards are one of the most common boards you will spot and it is mainly because of their durability and versatility. They are also quite affordable which makes it the perfect choice for beginners. The inflatable boards are also very durable and quite a treat for those paddlers who are also travel freaks. Inflatable paddle boards are not only easy to store in a small apartment but also quite easy to carry if you are travelling.

  1. The size of the Board

When it comes to the size of the boar, both the length as well as the breath of the board is of equal importance. The breath of the board is essential to maintain its stability and they are made as wide as 33 inches. The narrower boards are lightweight which make them easier to maneuver and are best suited for people who are on the lighter side of the weighing scale. However, if you have a wider body or do not balance quite well yet then you should be going for wider boards that will help you distribute the weight of your body evenly on the surface of the water. They are the best option for beginners.

When it comes to the length of the board, you can choose from 10 to 14 feet. The height and weight of the paddler is crucial to determine the length that it best suited for them. You should also keep in mind the space that is available to you for storing the board and if you want to carry it with you to far off places.

  1. The type of board

There are two main types of paddling boards available commonly. One is the traditional all-rounder board which is great for beginners and paddling leisurely in calm waters. The other type is the displacement board which has a pointier nose and a narrower to cut through water and maneuver it easily during races and for tackling fierce water.

Well, it is not easy to choose the best when there are so many brands available, but has made it easier to find the perfect paddle board by comparing the features, weighing pros and cons of top 10 paddle boards reigning the market.