Key Questions to Ask a Minibus Rental Company

Renting a self-drive minibus is great for all kinds of occasions, you can take it to a wedding ceremony, it is useful for team events or you can take it on a day trip into the countryside. Before you hire a minibus, there are certain questions you should ask the rental company. Cheap minibus hire in Swindon is easy to come by, once you do a little research you’ll find a reputable company to hire from. Hiring a self-drive minibus for an event or gathering has numerous advantages, some of which include:

  • Hassle-free
  • Flexible Rental Terms
  • Properly Maintained
  • Range of Vehicles
  • Personal Support

When you go to hire a minibus, make sure you ask all of these important questions.

Is it restricted to the UK?

Some rental companies will allow you to drive to Europe if you hold an international driving permit, others allow UK travel only. It is best to check with the rental company before you take their vehicle overseas.

Do I need my driving licence when I pick up the vehicle?

Nearly all the rental companies in the UK require you to submit your driving licence in person when you pick up the vehicle. Ask the company before you arrive to collect the rental.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

It depends on the company, but most won’t allow you to smoke or vape inside their rentals.

Can an 18-year-old hire a minibus?

This again depends on the rental company, 99% of them require minibus drivers to be over the age of 25.


The Beginners Guide To Booking A Taxi

Taxis are the direct means of travelling- they pick you up from your location and drop at your destination, without any stopovers in between. These very reasons make taxi

a convenient means of commuting as compared to the other public transport services available.

Taxis ranks in the UK

In the UK, it is a common sight to find the cab queues at taxi ranks, outside Airports, railway stations, universities besides other public spots. At times, you might need to use the taxi at taxi ranks, especially when didn’t pre-book the cab earlier. In such a scenario, you must take the following precautions.

  • Ensure that the cab is licensed: License number is usually mentioned in from and rear windscreen of the taxi.
  • Check driver’s badge.
  • Check beforehand if the driver is aware of the address where you intend to travel.
  • Discuss and freeze the fare before the start of the journey.
  • When travelling alone, prefer to sit at the back.

However, if you are aware of the journey in advance, it is highly recommended to stick with a pre-booked cab service only.

Steps to book taxi

There are a couple of ways to pre-book a cab- you can give a call to the Woking taxi service provider to book a cab on your behalf, or you could as well book via their website or app. Though it is recommended to reserve a spot via the form submission process on the website/app, after filling in your relevant details.

  • If you are connected to the internet, your pick-up point will be automatically loaded through the navigation, as soon as you open the App.
  • Next, step is to choose your destination, followed by the taxi selection- Ranging from the economy, business class, premium to corporate, minibus and van, there are a plethora of options to choose from- Take a pick as per your budget, preference and requirement.
  • Next screen should show you the fare applicable and options to pay- you could either pay via card or in cash. Click on your preferred mode of payment and click ‘book’.
  • Soon after, you’ll receive a booking confirmation alongside the chauffeur details in your mail as well as in a text.
  • You could also live-track the taxi movements via a map on the company website, or app besides the time it will take for the cab to reach you.
  • All the reputed taxi services follow the navigation to reach your pick-up spot, however, if needed, you can also get in touch with the driver telephonically to apprise them of your exact location to avoid confusion and unnecessary delay.

As you can see, the taxi booking process is pretty simple and hassle-free. No wonder, it has emerged as a preferable and reliable medium of travel in the UK for all sorts of commuting.

Travel Insurance

What are Some Travel Insurance Mistakes you Should Avoid?

Traveling is much more than just visiting a new place. It gives you a break from the monotonous routine and allows you to rejuvenate your mind and body. Also, with rising awareness, the purchase of travel insurance in India has witnessed a steady increase over the years.

However, there are certain mistakes that you must avoid while buying a travel insurance plan:

  1. Inadequate research

This is one of the fundamental mistakes made by most people while buying a travel insurance. It is important to compare various offerings before zeroing on a policy. Travel plans differ in terms of coverage offered, inclusions and exclusions.

Therefore, it’s essential to research the various types of policies available before opting for one. You can compare multiple policies online through aggregator portals and choose the one that best aligns with your needs.

  1. Not buying sufficient coverage

One of the biggest mistakes people do is to misjudge their coverage requirements. Since a higher coverage requires a higher premium, some people tend to buy plans that provide just the bare minimum cover such as loss of baggage and belongings.

However, make sure your domestic travel insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage against all the possible incidents that you may encounter during your trip, including medical contingencies, delay in flights, emergency evacuation, etc.

  1. Hiding medical information

People often conceal information related to health while purchasing travel insurance. However, it can lead to claim rejection. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you need to reveal it to your insurer. Also, in case you have purchased the insurance policy before the diagnosis of the condition, you should inform your insurer about the same.

Revealing these details may raise the premium but save you from the possibility of policy rejection on the grounds of concealing information.

  1. Being unaware of the policy exclusions

More than knowing the policy inclusions, it’s important to know the exclusions. These are events or situations where a policy doesn’t offer you coverage. For instance, if you travel in a prohibited area and suffer damages, your policy will not offer you coverage.

Similarly, if you engage in activities which can result in accidents, your insurer can deny your claim. Hence, it’s essential for you to go through policy wordings and make sure you are well aware of the exclusions.

  1. Ignoring financial jargons

Reading the terms and conditions of a travel insurance policy can be a tedious exercise. However, no matter how tiresome and time-consuming it is, it’s essential to do so with utmost care and attention and understand the financial jargons.

You should be aware of the meaning and implications of all the technical and legal jargons of the document. For instance, your travel insurance might be applicable only on holiday trips and not business trips. In such a scenario, you might be denied coverage for any contingency faced during a business trip.

  1. Not being careful while doing the paperwork

There have been many instances where despite being eligible for the coverage, the insured could not recover the claims, due to wrong or incomplete documentation. Insurance paperwork is not difficult but requires attention.

Even a minor mistake related to your identity or otherwise can lead to disproval of your claim. Also, when you buy travel insurance, all the relevant documents and receipts of the policy should be kept together along with an electronic copy for the same.

  1. Ignoring claims process

When you buy a travel insurance policy, it’s essential to know the claims process. After all, initiating claims when required is a crucial aspect of a policy. Therefore, make sure you know how to do so, online as well as offline.

Most travel insurers have a dedicated claims settlement team and an integrated process which you need to follow. Know every step of the process and the documents required to make a claim.

If you are looking for travel insurance plans at a low premium, you can consider Pocket Insurancefrom Bajaj Finserv. It provides several plans and covers for trekking, pilgrimage, and road trip cover among others.


3 Reasons to Book an Airport Transfer

When we travel by air, we frequently forget to organise our transport to and from the airport. We assume that we can just call up a local taxi and it will take us there. However, the taxi company may be busy at the time that you want to travel and you may end up missing your flight. You could take your own car to the airport, but that will cost you money to park it there and if you have been gone for some time, the cost can certainly mount up. This is why you need to book your transport before you fly.

There are companies who provide national airport transfers in Plymouth and their services are second to none. They are incredibly reliable and the benefits of using them are many. Here are some of those.

  1. Your group may be large and a conventional car is not going to be big enough. They offer bigger vehicles where you can store your luggage and still have lots of room to spare. Just let them know the size of your party.
  2. They will pick you up right at the front door of your home or business and assist with carrying and loading your bags. They arrive on time and will get you right to the door of departures, so you don’t miss your flight.
  3. Many people forget to book transport for the return leg of their trip and are stranded at the airport. You can organise it so that they pick you up on your return and get you back home safely and quickly.

Remember to book your transport well before you need to travel. That way there will be no surprises and everything goes off without any issues.


Top 5 Cruises For Rest And Relaxation

The need to get some rest and get relaxed is but obvious for most people following hectic work schedules. It is necessary from the viewpoint of the overall well-being of the human body. Different people opt for different ways and means in order to get relaxed. In this respect, going for adventurous cruise trips such as relaxing Red Sea Cruises for few days offers you the requisite break from your work and routine life in an awesome manner. You may spend time in a leisurely manner on the cruise ship being selected by you. Also, it gives you a chance to explore your ever-dreamt of places in an enjoyable way. Here are the top five cruises for ultimate rest and relaxation for you.

Opt for the Red Sea Cruise

Of course, you may feel totally stress-free by opting for the relaxing Red Sea Cruises. It lets you explore some of the most enthralling and loveliest treasures across the globe. Additionally, you will be amazed to enjoy the lovely climatic conditions all through the year by opting for this cruise. You may visit beautiful Egypt and the archaeological sites of Jordan on this cruise.

Try Regent Seven Seas

If you are looking for some pampering and also wish to enjoy all the luxuries of life Regent Seven Seas Cruise is the right choice for you. You may enjoy marvellous spa sessions, delicious food, drinks, games and activities and of course thrilling shore excursions.

Crystal Cruises for ultimate and absolute relaxation

With some of the most appealing packages on offer, this cruise line also offers ample amenities and luxuries that are always looked forward to by the travellers. It offers excellent housekeeping services, mouth-watering dining options at the ships’ bistros, wines and other drinks as well as additional facilities. These may include fitness classes, onboard enrichment classes and entertainment.

Get relaxed with Holland America Line

If you are looking for total relaxation during your cruise trip then it is the perfect option for you. You are facilitated to enjoy a quiet cocktails by the pool while reading a nice book and sailing across the sea on this cruise. For the entertainment of the passengers, some exciting activities are also offered such as theme parties and waterslides and so on.

Princess Cruise to enjoy your trip in a royal manner

The spacious, airy and calm atmosphere of this cruise ship surely lets to have total rest and relaxation that you eagerly look forward to. You may clearly enjoy the outside views facilitated by the glass panels. It also lets you enjoy an amazing dining experience with so many options for entertainment.

With all such wonderful cruise options available to you, you will definitely be propelled to start planning your excursion now and look forward to an enjoyable time ahead.


Reputed car rental firm that owns limousine cars

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Travelling on the highways will be a joy

This car rental firm which has branches spread throughout the city charges minimal rent and satisfies the exact requirements of the hirers. Clients can also hire fleets of cars through this site and enjoy bulk discounts and big offers. It is imperative to note that cars that are rented through this trusted portal are free from accidents, damages and repairs. Customers can hire them for short or long distances and reach their destinations safely within short period of time. This site which excels in suv and truck car rentals will offer quality services and surpass the expectations of the customers. Choose one of the SUV or sedan cars without delay through this site and pay the amount instantly.

This site houses small, medium and large cars which come with LED screens, HD audio and video and other electronic gadgets. Passengers can enjoy free wi-fi and music on the go. Drivers will maneuver on the roads safely and reach the destination on-time. Travelers can switch on the AC and enjoy the smooth drive thoroughly. Visitors can book the latest cars after exploring blogs, testimonials, videos and other articles that are shown here. Customer support executives will offer round the clock assistance and provide free quote and estimates quickly. Members will book one of the branded limousines when they explore discount programs. Stay away from amateur companies which offer inferior quality transportation services and always book one of the cars through this popular channel.


Top 7 Reasons To Travel To Portugal in 2019

Choosing an apt and interesting destination is perhaps the foremost necessities when it comes to planning for vacations or even a short trip. After all, you may enjoy travelling to some distant place only if the chosen destination is appealing and offers something unique to you in the form of cuisines, tourist spots, engaging activities and so on. For those who love travelling, Portugal is an excellent place where you may plan to travel in the current year. In fact, you may apply for a golden visa Portugal or other visas suitable to your needs and travel in an easy and hassle-free manner. Here are some of the top reasons to travel to this wonderful place in 2019.

Lovely beaches offer great fun

You may get a golden visa Portugal and reach this place in order to attain incredible fun and enjoyment from the local beaches. There are so many lovely beaches that steal the attention of most tourists visiting this place.

Get a chance to explore local history

Those who are interested in knowing about the local history may surely fulfil their wish by visiting the historical and magnificent castles, palaces and other historical buildings around.

Enjoy hiking

If you wish to have some fun, thrill and adventure, you may get engaged in hiking. The mountainous landscapes openly welcome you to enjoy hiking while exploring the wonderful trails.

Get engaged in boating

In the local rivers, you may enjoy boating and have some fun and enjoyment. Also, it allows you to get pleasure from some of the fantastic natural scenarios. The steep hillsides and the winding roads along and around the rivers make your boating experience all the more enjoyable.

Get delighted from local cuisine

Definitely, it is also a major reason for you to visit Portugal in 2019. The local cuisine is delightful and hence may prompt you to get engaged in trying various famous dishes of the place. This place is, in fact, famous for varieties of fishes, scrumptious coffee and of course the wines.

Enjoy the lovely and pleasant climate

The lovely and pleasant climatic conditions of Portugal are also enough to prompt you to start with your journey to this astonishing place. It is in fact considered to be the best climate across Europe. Climatic conditions mostly remain favourable round the year which makes roaming around locally quite easy.

Experience the thrill of surfing

For those who love surfing, the wild waves of the Atlantic are waiting for you. On top of this, the mild climatic conditions increase the fun and enjoyment attainable from this thrilling activity to great extents.

So you must also start packing your luggage and be ready to explore this amazing place for a memorable trip ever.


5 Famous Temples in Jaipur

The Pink City of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a great sight to explore many historical monuments and remnants. In them, temples built long years ago by Rajputs and many rulers stands as iconic tourist attractions for architectural styles. The grandiosity and spell of architectural styles of the temples are just mind-blowing and awesome to see.

Many temples in Jaipur are known for great history and heritage. Simply, temples of Jaipur can identify as epitomes of culture and tradition.

Here top 5 famous temples of Jaipur were listed.

  1. Govind Devji Temple:

In the City Palace Complex Govind Devji Temple is one of the best attractions. This temple was dedicated to Lord Krishna. There is a great history behind the idol of Lord Krishna in this temple. It is believed that the idol was made by Lord Krishna’s grandson and this idol was brought from Vrindavan by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II.

The major attraction of this temple is the idol of Lord Krishna symbolizing the Earth’s incarnation. Especially festivals of Lord Krishna will be celebrated in a grand manner. Krishna Janmashtami, Navratri, Ram Navami and Karthik Purnima are the best-celebrated festivals in the temple which you can travel though Palace on Wheels.

  1. Galtaj Temple:

Galtaj Temple is a peculiar and very interesting temple located 10kms far away from Jaipur. This temple was located amid two mountains partition. It looks very beautiful and attractive with the surrounding greenery and top hills. Galtaj Temple is dedicated to Lord Sun and Hanuman.

The specialty of this temple is monkey troops. Yes, this temple is very famous for macaque monkey species. Other interesting things at this temple is Galta Kund it means a huge water tank. From the top of the hills, water will come to this tank. If anyone takes a bath in this tank they can get rid of skin diseases.

  1. Birla Mandir:

In all over India, every Birla Mandir reflects some unique charm. In the same way Birla Mandir in Jaipur located amid thick greenery and natural attractions looks very beautiful. The charm of the temple with fantastic architectural works stuns everyone to leave in amaze.

The temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his consort Laxmi. The beautiful works of the temple depicting the scenes and quotes of Bhagavad Gita are the gripping attractions of the temple. The beauty of Birla Mandir can’t be said in words such a wonderful temple it is.

  1. Shila Devi Mandir:

Shila Devi Mandir is a famous Durga Matha temple in Jaipur. It is located in the Amber Fort. This temple is a great attraction during Navaratri. During this time, hordes of people visit the temple to get the blessings of Goddess Durga. History of this temple is another interesting thing to know.

When Maharaja Man Singh was defeated, he prayed Kaali Mata. In his dreams, the goddess appeared and told to bring the Shila from a sea beneath then construct a temple. As she said a slab was found and shila was thoroughly cleaned. At final the idol of Durga was witnessed. That’s why the temple was named as Shila Dev Mandir.

  1. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple:

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is an important pilgrimage spot for Hindu devotees. Mostly worshipers of Lord Shiva will definitely visit this temple in Jaipur. Because Lord Shiva in this temple was in Lingam avatar. And Panchparivar of Lord Shiva is also an important attraction of the temple.

Apart from Lord Shiva temple, here status of Lord Hanuman and Goddess Parvathi are also there. The best time to visit this temple is during Maha Shivaratri. At this time, the temple will be crowded with devotees.

Book the Palace on Wheels train online to make the seat reserve in advance. These are the top 5 temples in Jaipur that you can visit during your next trip.


Things To Do At The Top Burj Khalifa


Located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa stands out as the world’s tallest building. Numerous opportunities do abound to anyone who might want to enjoy his time while in Dubai.

To help you to make the most of the facility, we have identified the five major activities you might indulge in and what to expect out of them. It is indeed our hope that the guidance you will receive here shall give you the psychological preparation necessary for a fruitful visit.



The top of Burj Khalifa is around 555 meters (1,821 ft.) high. It contains some famous outdoor observatory and lounges which provide panoramic views of the city skyline. These observation decks are located on the 124th, 125th & 148th floors respectively.

Burj Khalifa’s 148th-floor observation deck is also the highest in the world. While at the top, you will receive uninterrupted views of the city below. It also has a screen to help you zoom down and observe the details conveniently.


Apart from granting you the chance to sightsee the city below, you will also get to take great pictures of the city from the observation decks. That is because cameras are allowed into the observation decks.

Also, the decks provide clearer views by reason of not being impeded by any structures of whichever nature. Perhaps the best times to leverage this advantage is early in the morning (for sunrise) or later in the evening (for sunset).

Rest and Relaxation

Generally speaking, the observation deck is spacious, air-conditioned and relaxing indeed. Moreover, the decks do receive visitors from around the world. You might, therefore, have to spend a bit of your time while at the facility to socialize with people from around the world.

Take time to speak to other like-minded tourists. Who knows? You might even bump into a future business partner from another continent! The air-conditioned atmosphere is a great relief from the sweltering heat of the Arabian Desert.

Bungee Jumping

The elevated height of the top of the Burj Khalifa is also a great place to contemplate bungee jumping. You require some special permit though to be able to enjoy this advantage. That is because the exercise is largely intriguing and is only performed by experts.

By far the most significant advantage of this location is that it gives you awesome clearance to prepare for a smoother landing. If you launch out from here, it is very unlikely that you will hit your head on the ground.


Lastly, you also want to dine at the ‘world’s tallest restaurant.’ Located on the 122nd floor of the facility, the Atmosphere Restaurant will give you some great cuisines from around the world. Moreover, it also grants you the rare privilege of being able to peek at the city below while enjoying your favourite meals.

The food here is not that very cheap though. That is understandable owing to their extremely high quality and great environment. Do make some appropriate arrangements to dig deeper into your pocket.


You cannot afford to debate whether to pay visit top attractions to visit in UAE or not. The opportunities provided for by this facility are too many to even think of forfeiting. Why don’t you plan to visit it as soon as you as can? We look forward to hosting you soonest possible!


Travelling to Russia? Here is what you should know

There are quite a lot of places that people love to travel the world and look at the different wonders that the world has to offer. However, when you research about the best places to go on a vacation, not many people will come up with the option of visiting Russia. Well, if you really want to have an out of body experience and one of a lifetime experience, then it is best that you make an extended trip to Russia. I you do plan to travel to Russia for pleasure and fun, it is also advised that you first get in touch with the best travel agent that you can find. The travel agent will make sure that you go to the right places when you go to Russia and that you have the most fun and the best thing that you pay for.

If you really want to get the tourist experience, then it is suggested that you get in touch with this link right here: If you want to know what theTrans-Siberian tour is, then it is a course that is on the can rundown of each dedicated visitor. Amid this outing you will submerge yourself into culture and nature of Russia. Historical centers, traditional artful dance, Siberian shamanic traditions, nearby food preparing workshops are a long way from everything in the program. Climbing in Stolby National Park in Krasnoyarsk locale, meeting skilled workers, your trek will turn into a lifetime encounter. It is a railroad trip where alongside visiting verifiable and design landmarks, customary social focuses and meeting nearby skilled workers, you will investigate Baikal lake as well.

Other than that the food in Russia is not much liked by the people because most people are unaware to its taste. Though the taste of the food in unfamiliar, yet it is very delicious and very raw in its texture and style of presentation.Most tourists are advised not to eat the food that is available on the streets as it might give them a stomach bug and it is much better to get the food prepared by the hotels that you are staying in or at the restaurants that are famous for their authentic Russian style food.

Other than that the one thing that I a must experience in Russia is the sea route to the north and the arctic which is a journey in itself.You will be taking the cruise to the north and on the way there you will be experience the Russian cold nights and days with the view of the volcanic mountains and the high glaciers and ice floors that you will be breaking through. The ice breaking abilities of your ship will also mesmerize you and most probably, you will be seeing a lot of birds as well as polar bears near your ship because you will be travelling on a road of ice. The view is simply breathtaking and the journey is where you will be enjoying the most.