Why Not An Amazing Vacation In The Charming Shimla

Every coin has two faces. So has the city life! While there are amazing perks of living in a city, where everything is at your beck and call, the woes are not less. At the mere thought of a city life, one can think of nothing but, long hours in office, children glued to their mobiles, jammed roads drowned in smoke, malls blanketed across the entire area!

Every now and then, a common city dweller tries to escape from the moribund city life, and find shelter in the lap of nature. Hill stations come as excellent rescuers; fortunately India is blessed with all kinds of terrains! Among all the hill stations, Shimla is the king of all! It is the most adorable and most-trotted hill station, by not only Indians, but tourists from all over the world. The footfall from cities to Shimla is quite evident by the surplus booking of Delhi to Shimla taxi, train and flight.

Known for its quintessential beauty, Shimla stands out among all the hill stations in the Himalayan belt. It is the least populated capital city of India (Shimla is the capital of state, Himachal Pradesh), so one can have a blissful and peaceful time, far from the maddening crowd of the cities!

Blessed with snow-drowned mountains, heath covered moors, steep gorges, exquisite monasteries, pleasant and breezy weather, lush green valleys, dense forests of pine, deodar, rhododendron and oak and shimmering rivers, Shimla is the impeccable hill station of northern India.

Among the famous places in Shimla, the Mall, a famous street of Shimla, is the most-treaded one. An excellent place to collect souvenirs of your journey and lock the hill station in your hearts forever, the Mall is jazzed up with various shopping malls, restaurants and shops. One can buy beautiful handicraft items, jewellery pieces, and other Himachal popular products here. While there may be many places to visit in Delhi for shopping, but nothing beats the perks of shopping amidst the nature, at the Mall.

The Ridge is another popular, wide road along the Mall, which is the host of various cultural activities held here. It also houses a large water reservoir, which is the main source of water for all the houses in Shimla.

Visitors are also enthralled by the Christ Church, the second oldest church of north India. It has doors and windows with stained glasses, which are symbolic of hope, faith, charity and humility.

There are various temples in Shimla, like Jakhu Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla Kali Bari and Kamna Devi Temple, which are popular among the devotees.

Kufri, located at 16 km from Shimla, is another major spot. In fact, no journey to Shimla is complete, without an adventurous trot to Kufri, as it is more snowy and also bases some adventure sports.

Jakhu Hill, is the highest peak in Shimla and one can have a spectacular view of the entire city. It also houses a famous Hanuman Temple, which is blanketed by innumerable monkeys.

So, plan a trip to Shimla and have a nice collage of the amazing memories of your life. This is the place, you can easily visit, without burning a hole in your pocket! So, why not give it a try?


Enjoy Winter Sports With Security

Being physically active is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and getting physical activity in by playing exciting sports is one of the best ways to accomplish your fitness goals. If you are like many Europeans, then you enjoy exciting winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, and you may even go on holiday to nearby mountains to fully enjoy these activities to the best of your ability. When you take your next winter sports holiday, you should consider buying insurance to guarantee that your trip is a success for everyone involved.


Mountains are dramatic and scenic sights that enhance the landscape and impress all those that look upon them. Flying down the side of a mountain on pieces of wood or plastic may sound like a crazy idea, but it is actually the basis of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, which are incredibly popular both in Europe and around the world. When you strap on a pair of skis or a board, you are taking part in a sporting tradition so popular that it is even part of the Olympics every four years.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, skiing and snowboarding present an exciting challenge that keeps you alert and thrilled at the same time. Dealing with steering around other people and obstacles as you zoom down the slopes and carve through the snow will engage all of your senses and have you living life to its fullest. When you plan your next ski or snowboard holiday, all you are likely to be thinking about is how much fun you are going to have. Something that you should also consider, though, is that it is important to buy snowboard insurance to cover your entire trip.


While snowboarding and skiing are very popular, they are also somewhat dangerous activities. When you are speeding down a mountain, a sudden slip or curve in the trail could cause you to hit a tree or another person and become injured. The last thing you want to do is have to pay for any injuries, so travel insurance that includes coverage for a snowboard or skiing injury is exactly what you need. It will provide coverage for the cost of your medical care, as well as the funds you need to get back home when you are rehabilitated.

Travel insurance in general is also a good idea to have on any trip abroad. While no one wants to consider that they may have to cancel their holiday, emergencies in the family or at work may arise. If you need to cancel your flights and don’t have insurance, you may lose the entire cost of the trip. When you have insurance, all of these costs will be taken care of so you can have peace of mind. Whether you get coverage for your trip as a whole or just coverage for your specific well-being, buying travel insurance is the clear choice for your next holiday.


3 Ways To Make Your Vacation A Luxury Vacation

When it comes to having a vacation, camping is the best way to retreat yourself. But sometimes it needs little extra to make it a trip worth remembering. Before you move out for a vacation, make sure you keep the under listed things in mind.

  • Give preference to a comfortable stay: The main point of having a vacation is just to get away from the monotonous schedule of your daily life. When we talk about having a comfortable stay, nothing can beat the home. So it is important to make yourself feel as if you are at you home even when you are somewhere else. You can rent a suite or a villa, depending upon your budget. A villa may be expensive if you compare with a hotel suite but if there are a group of people, a villa is the best option as you can share the entire rent.
  • Hiring a chauffeur: Whenever you visit a place, you are a tourist and so you do not have an idea about the places that can be visited and how to visit them. The best way is to hire a car and explore the place at your convenience. You can rent a car and then hire a local chauffeur. Hiring a local chauffeur come with a lot of benefits. He can take you to places that you may even not find in a very systematic manner.The chauffeur services usually include 10 hours of a day. This time is enough to have some serious and worth sightseeing without even worrying about getting lost. And what is more comfortable than your car and a private chauffeur.
  • Make the use of most of the resources and view available: If you visit a beach place, the stay is incomplete if you don’t spend your time drenched in the sea water. Surfing is one of the things that you should do if visiting a surfing island. Plan your visit when the summer is approaching, as this is the most comfortable season to enjoy. You can enjoy the places that are not overcrowded. This gives you a perfect opportunity to learn surfing if you have not done in the past.

Spending a lot of money can be very stressing as it can take away all the fun and excitement of the vacation. Make sure you plan at least three months in advance. Planning in advance comes with a benefit of enjoying good perks at relatively less cost. There are a lot of sites that give you good deals on hotel bookings. Search for the best deal and only then go for it.

Travel Insurance

How Travelers Can Avoid From Being Scammed Currency Traders

There are good financial habits that travellers should use. As an example, when they are exchanging large amount of money, they should do it at trusted, major banks; instead of local exchange services. It is also advisable to cash in travellers’ cheques at designated places and use our debit card. It should be noted that some countries have restrictions in foreign exchange trades. Also not all hotels have currency exchange services. If possible, we should pay in US dollars, because it is accepted in many places. In fact, some smaller stores could also agree to accept US dollars, although they usually operate using local currencies.

In general, it is always convenient if we use a real bank, because they perform currency exchange services legally. We should check whether exchanging money with local break the local law. We should also know that this is the most likely way we are getting cheated or sometimes, outright robbed. If the country forbids currency trading outside banks, we could be charged with crime. Also, if we become currency exchange victims, it is impossible to report it, because the currency trading itself has violated the law. That’s the reason why we should avoid private currency exchange in these countries.

Other than possible risks of cheating and robbery, we could also be victimized by pickpockets. Near foreign currency services, there could be pickpockets who are aiming for unwary travellers, so we should be very careful. We should keep a close eye on people around us and be careful of those who slowly approach us when we are trading money. Worse, some currency traders are actually working with pickpockets and they share their gains. Pickpockets know how to choose tourists who carry a large amount of money. Slight of hand scams are also quite common among bad currency traders.

Slight of hand scams are more sophisticated than typical pickpocketing. This method can be used to victimize people who let their guard down. It makes sense for currency traders to count money very quickly because they are very experienced with it. However, they do it so fast that travellers can’t keep up. This is an opportunity for them scam tourists. Slight of hands scam could happen because these people offer great exchange rate. This will lure many travellers. These scammers use trick that’s also implemented by magicians. They could cause us to focus on one pile of money with less value.

It’s no use dealing with these people, because even if we are able to find out; they will beg to get their money back and cancel the transaction. With the rate of exchange rate they offer, these people are losing money, if they do the transaction honestly. To avoid being scammed, there should be at least a couple pair of eyes to check the transaction. We should bring a fellow traveller to make sure that we are being given the amount of money agreed. They money should be spread on the table and we should count it a few times, especially before we put it into our bag.

Travel Insurance

How Travellers Should Prevent and Treat Diarrhea

Travellers’ diarrhea is a common affliction that causes suffering among people with weak stomachs. In general, we could go to the local doctor, but if we are in rural areas and we don’t get treatments, the condition can become quite serious. Travellers should know the necessary facts about diarrhea and perform some simple preventative measures. It is commonly believed that bacteria in drinking water are the most frequent causes of diarrhea. However, this condition could also be caused by unpeeled fruits, raw veggies and tainted meat.

Just because the food is washed with water, it doesn’t guarantee that it is safe to eat. Our food should be washed with treated water, or even bottled mineral water, if we can’t find sources of clean water. This should greatly increase our chance of preventing diarrhea. An obvious way to circumvent diarrhea is by drinking only bottled water. Bottled water should be readily available in countries where tap water isn’t drinkable. In many cases, we don’t have to bring too many bottles, because bottled water can be available from many sellers. Other than using clean water for drinking, we should also make sure that the water used to make ice cubes and brush our teeth is also clean. We need to take more precautions when travelling in less developed countries that don’t have good water treatment systems.

Not everyone has robust constitutions to deal with less hygienic food for more than a few days. The unlucky ones could waste much of the vacation groaning and moaning. Up to 50 percent travellers suffer at least mild cases of diarrhea as their system adjusts to the new environment. In general, symptoms will subside after three days, but we should get treatments if they persist. It is a good idea to get antibiotics only in the destination country. We shouldn’t buy them from local pharmacies and it is better to get antibiotics from doctors. These professionals understand what kind of antibiotics we should get to deal with the local germs. By getting antibiotics only from doctors, we won’t expose ourselves to repeated uses. Using too much antibiotics can reduce the overall effectiveness. They are not preventative measures and should be taken only when we experience symptoms. Bacteria in some areas of the world may have developed resistance to popular antibiotics and this is another reason why we shouldn’t bring one from home.

After we obtain antibiotics from doctors, we should maintain proper hydration. Diarrhea often affects travellers in hot, tropical countries, where germs thrive. Because it is likely that we will release more water due to improper bowel movements, in addition to the humid, hot climate; it is important to repeatedly rehydrate ourselves. Other than drinking clean water, we should also occasionally drink sport drinks, because our body could lose electrolytes through perspirations. Alternatively, we should mix clean water with some salt and sugar. Preventing and treating diarrhea should be easy, if we know what to do.

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Cruise Travel Insurance – It Makes Sense

Cruise holidaying is the fastest growing sector in the tourism industry, with an estimated twenty million people per year enjoying the benefits. The places that the ship will visit are always of high interest, and the ship itself is more than just transport, with a wide range of amenities for passengers to experience. In former times, this type of vacation was mainly used by older people, but now young couples and families are turning to an ocean going trip for their annual break. The larger cruise liners are often bigger than a small town, with multiple decks and a wide range of facilities.


Most people think that being stuck on a boat means little to do but stare at the ocean, well think again! All kinds of sports and pastimes are catered for, whatever your age. Swimming, badminton, tennis, yoga, dance classes, and many indoor activities are laid on for passengers to enjoy. The level of service is second to none, and there will always be something interesting to do, should you wish to participate. In fact, a cruise holiday offers a large amount of freedom, and once you know the ship’s layout, you can decide what to do and when to do it. These holidays cater for teenagers and children with many interesting activities designed to keep them engaged. There are many myths associated with taking a cruise, but once you’ve experienced it, there’s no turning back.

Here is a list of facilities commonly found on the larger cruise ships,

  • Casinos
  • Spa and fitness centres
  • Shops
  • Cinemas
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants and buffets


Cruise ships employ top chefs who serve up a wide range of cuisines, and with many restaurants and buffets to choose from, one can really mix it up. Meals can be served in your cabin if you prefer some privacy. Add to that the amazing nightlife, with dances, cabarets and shows, to fill your evenings with enjoyment. The social life on board a cruise liner is the most enjoyable part of the trip for many. Making new friends is easy, as passengers will meet each other on a regular basis.


If you are contemplating a cruise on the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or even around the world, then cruise insurance is an essential thing to have. A cruise is a very different type of holiday, and most travel insurance will not completely cover you. To begin with, a cruise usually lasts a lot longer than a fortnight, some cruises will be at sea for months so extra care must be taken when selecting your holiday insurance.There are several reputable online brokers to compare cruise travel insurance deals, giving you the perfect insurance policy.


The very nature of a cruise means that you will be visiting many countries, so you will need a policy that covers all of the destinations on the ship’s route. It is common for insurers to exclude countries that are in a state of political unrest, so do your research and check that every country on your cruise itinerary is covered. Vaccinations are another consideration, with many countries to visit, one must check whether vaccinations are required. Failure to have vaccinations may result in a refusal to cover you for the medical expenses incurred, should you become sick.


Traditionally cruise passengers tend to be older – although this type of holiday is becoming more and more popular with young families as well. If you are aged over 65, the premiums will be much higher, with some elderly people unable to obtain coverage for the trip. Companies that specialise in cruise insurance will provide insurance for all ages and conditions. Another thing to consider is that older people tend to have more health issues, which can also affect the travel insurance policy.


Many cruises will include things like kayaking, scuba diving and jungle trekking, so it is important to make sure all these activities are covered by your travel insurance.


These can cause illness, especially with those who are not accustomed to ocean travel. Storms and large swells can cause sickness, which can develop into something more serious, and that could mean the ship having to arrange for an unwell passenger to be flown to the mainland. This would be very costly if you are not covered, not to mention the cost of the treatment.


Cruise liners, like all ocean going vessels, are subject to the weather, and quite often cruisesare postponed or cancelled. There may be one particular stop off that you wanted to make, which is cancelled due to the weather. A good cruise insurance policy will include this,compensating you for the missed port. A cruise policy should also cover any event caused by a natural disaster.


With many people staying within the confines of the ship, viruses and bugs can be easily transmitted; another reason to secure a comprehensive policy that covers for any bout of sickness that might spoil your trip. Travelling across time zones, with a variety of temperatures, canalso cause minor ailments.


With so much to do and see, and without the forced march feel that mainland tours seem to have, most people who experience a cruise holiday will become regular voyagers.The wide choice of things to do is matched only by the flexibility that cruising offers. The choice of cruises include a round trip, which returns to the port of departure, or perhaps a one way flight home when the ship reaches the final port of call. There is something to suit all tastes and schedules. So prepare well, take out suitable insurance, and enjoy the amazing scenery and excellent service that this novel form of leisure trip provides.


The Top 10 Beaches In Australia

Australia is blessed with some of the world’s biggest and best beaches. These beaches are clean, beautiful and unique. If you are planning to visit a couple of beaches along Australia’s scenic coastline, you should start with these 10 beaches.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach situated along the coast of the Whitsunday Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Stretching for over 7 kilometres along the island’s splendid blue coastal waters, the beach contains pure white silica sand which reflects heat and remains cool even while the sun is shining. It also forms a brilliant contrast with the blue sea. This beach, which has been globally rated as the most eco-friendly beach in the world also shares the remarkable beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland.

Cable Beach

The Cable Beach, located in Western Australia, has 22 kilometres of pure white silica sand, clear blue waters and a unique backdrop of red hills. This stunning beach is reputed to be one of the finest beaches where you can ride camels on the shoreline. To keep the beach looking clean and pristine, high tides from the Indian Ocean wash the beach. At the Gantheaume Point, located at the southern end, you can catch a glimpse of old dinosaur footprints which are supposed to be over 100 million years old. It is also a great place for whale watching during the migration season.

Burleigh Heads Beach

Burleigh Heads is one of the exceptional beaches on the Gold Coast. With high waves, which measure up to 9 metres in height, this beach provides great surf conditions and walking trails to explore. In addition to the clean and unpolluted sand, families who want to have fun with water will also appreciate the unique swimming areas and the presence of life guards. Picnickers may also visit this beach to enjoy the adjoining park areas while wildlife lovers will see many brush turkeys, sea eagles, and dolphin pods.

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa’s main beach is one of the exceptional beaches facing the northern Australian coastline. It offers a unique advantage to families due to its gentle waves and daily patrol by surf lifesavers who are available every day of the week. Visitors can see the dolphins that come here regularly while whales may be spotted here during their annual migratory season. For stronger waves, surfers may use the headland region of the Noosa Park. This beach provides a unique environment for other activities such as sunbathing and fishing.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

The 75 Mile Beach is hosted by Fraser Island – the world’s biggest sand island. 75 Mile Beach derives its name from its length. Apart from its size, it has many stretches of multi-coloured sand that create a very attractive landscape with different hues ranging from white to orange and brown tones. 75 Mile Beach has a variety of freshwater lakes where visitors love to swim. The Champagne Pools, where the ocean crashes into the surrounding rocks, is particularly popular because of the exceptional foaming effect produced by the ocean waters.

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is a picturesque stretch of clean sand and clear water which is regularly used to showcase the State of Tasmania. Located within the Freycinet National Park, this unique beach has a truly photogenic appearance. The white sand on the beach provides a strong contrast to the turquoise water and pink granite peaks surrounding it. Despite the growing popularity of this clamped-shaped beach, its waters are largely unpolluted and it is still relatively quiet and isolated. Many activities take place here including kayaking and snorkelling.

Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Beach is one of the spectacular beaches located on the coast of Western Australia. Located several hundred kilometres southward from Perth, the state capital. This rather isolated beach is part of the Walpole Nornalup Park and it was named after the shipwreck of the Norwegian ship called Mandalay which ran aground in 1911. Its remains may still be seen when the tide is low. The Chatham island nearby adds value to the rocky headlands and beautiful rugged topography that characterise this beach.

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is interwoven between the Booderee National Park and the Jervis Bay Park. With well preserved native forests and walking trails on cliff-tops, this beach is well known for its amazing white sand. In fact, it is regarded as a playground for rich Sydney dwellers. However, virtually anyone who wants to enjoy snorkelling or diving can come to this beach. Popular activities that take place at this beach also include: kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing. Whale and dolphin watching cruises are also available.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is popular among foreigners and Australian residents. Its clean shoreline and proximity to the city centre in Sydney make it easy to access by many visitors. This is where the first Surf Life Saving Club was launched over 100 years ago. Nowadays, this beach is usually packed with swimmers, walkers and sunbathers. Bondi Beach has become an icon of Australian beach culture and it is the most famous beach in Sydney.

Bells Beach

Bells Beach in Victoria is one of Australia’s most popular sites for surfing. It has high tidal waves and huge swells which are loved by many professional surfers. That is why it is the venue for the Rip Curl Professional Surf Competition that is hosted every year during Easter. This competition attracts a crop of the best surfers from various parts of the world as well as many spectators.


Things We Should Do In Maui

Maui is a wonderful destination in the middle of Pacific and there are a multitude of activities we can do in the island. Maui is known for dozens of world-class beaches, which allow us to see amazing sunsets and sunrises, depending on our location. It is simply a tropical paradise where can relax and enjoy the surrounding. We should go to watch the Sunrise at Haleakala Crater and it’s essentially an experience that we can’t describe due to its stunning beauty. It is simply something that we need to experience so we can appreciate fully. Next, we can bike down Haleakala and it also allows us to see wonderful sunrises.

The road to Hana is also a 60-mile winding trek that we should go through. It allows us to see wonderful waterfalls and rainforests. We could also enjoy gorgeous views of the ocean. Also called Ohea Gulch, the Seven Sacred Pools is at the end of the road to Hana. Each pool is connected with waterfalls and the final waterfall empties itself into the sea. Legend has it that people who swim in all pools from the first to the last can have good luck. Snorkelling is an obvious activity when we are visiting Maui. We should be able to see the island based on its underwater perspective. There are many snorkelling sites in Maui, allowing us to see wonderful marine life.

Sugar Cane Train is another attraction we should go to. It is a must for people who want to enjoy inexpensive activity in Maui. The train circles from Lahaina to Puukolii and back again to Lahaina. The train could show us all the beauty of Maui with its working old, steam engine. The conductor gives us a one-man show with his informative explanations and musical repertoire with ukulele. Maui Ocean Center is a wonderful activity for children. There are many hand-one activities that we will surely love. It has more than sixty interesting, interactive exhibits, a couple of restaurants and others.

It is also a good idea to have sightseeing on the Front Street and it is simply a shopper’s paradise. We could find quaint shops, as well as historical spots and restaurants. When visiting Kaanapali Beach, we should check whether we have the sandcastles contest day. Adults in Maui take this challenge quite seriously, while children enjoy building mountains, tunnels and small castles. We could also have an opportunity for horseback riding in Maui. We can have an opportunity to become a cowboy. Our ride may take us through the rainforest and pineapple fields.

Maui is surrounded by sea and we could enjoy plenty of coastal activities. Parasailing allows is to become human kite. As it is an engine-less flight, we could enjoy the height in complete peacefulness and silences, except for the light whisper for breeze. Scuba diving is also an exciting activity in Maui and it is an experience of a lifetime.


What You Should Know Before You Visit Louvre In Paris

One week or even two weeks in Paris would possibly be less than enough for any vacationer. There is so much to see that even a fortnight of outings and sightseeing may be insufficient. Of course you can just go around and see the most popular hotspots in Parisbut if you wish to truly explore sites like the Louvre, you need several hours at just one place. And there are many historically and culturally significant sites that require hours of exploration. If you are fascinated by art, history and culture then plan at least a day or possibly two when you visit the Louvre.

The Louvre draws close to 10 million visitors every year. While the Eifel Tower finds more mentions in pop culture and people look for Paris best hotels close to the iconic metal structure, the Louvre is more fascinating with a collection of 35,000 masterpieces and antiques. You would be transported to the sixth century through all the way to the nineteenth century at the Louvre.

Here are some of the most interesting facts that you should know before you visit Louvre in Paris.

  • Louvre is the biggest museum in the world. You cannot explore all the exhibits in one day, one week or even in a month. It will possibly take you three months or ninety days and perhaps a few days more to see them all.
  • The Musée du Louvre was originally a fortress built towards the end of the twelfth century. The fortress was converted into a palace in the sixteenth century. Later in the eighteenth century, the place was transformed into a museum and opened for the public after the French monarch decided to shift base to the Palace of Versailles.
  • It was Napolean who hung the Mona Lisa for the first time and that too in his private bedroom. Napolean was instrumental in expanding the collection of the Louvre, from a few hundred to more than five thousand pieces.
  • You would obviously get to the Mona Lisa, although there is some debate as to whether it is the original or the replica.
  • The Louvre Galleries are another major draw with more than 7,500 paintings.
  • The Louvre was used by the Nazis as a storeroom during the Second World War.
  • According to many, the Louvre is haunted. There are two ghosts, a mummy known as Belphegor and a man dressed in red in the Tulleries Gardens.


Reina Sofia Museum In Madrid – What Makes It A Must Visit Place In Spain

What used to be a famous hospital in Madrid in the past has been converted into a finest museum a few years ago. Yes, the place is called Reina Sofia Museum – a perfect blend of art and culture. If you are a traveller and have extra interest for art and history, then this is a place that you do not like to miss during your vacation in Spain. This hospital-converted-museum was renovated in 1992.

There are two panoramic glass lifts in the front area of the museum adding an additional beauty to the place. The place is officially known as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and has been designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.


Madrid Reina Sofia features contemporary and modern artwork from many parts of the country. The place is huge with four floors devoted to art work display. You can expect two of the floors full of temporary exhibits and the other two dedicated to exhibit permanent collection that includes Pop, Abstract and Minimal Art movements.

The key highlight of this museum is the famous painting of Picasso called “Guernica”. There are many other paintings of Picasso displayed at this museum. “Woman in Blue” is another famous one.

Besides paintings, there is also a huge library containing over 10,000 volumes and 1,000 periodicals inside Reina Sofia museum. This library specializes in 20th century art and archives. If you love modern art, then do not miss to check the shop inside that offers potteries, design goods, and writing materials.

This shop is open during museum hours, so you have plenty of time to visit it once you are inside the museum. There are also few restaurants adjoining the place, where you can ease your hunger.


This place is open throughout the week. Opening hours during Monday to Saturday is 10am to 9pm, and on Sunday entry to the museum gets closed by 2.30pm. You should leave the place 15 minutes before the closing time. On special occasions, this museum will not be opened on Tuesdays.


The entry to the museum is free for all the tourists on specific days. Since the place is always crowded, you should visit it in the early morning. The best you can do to visit this historical beauty of Spain is to take help of city guided tours. They know each and every part of the museum, which you might not be able to find if you visit alone. There are many guided tours available in the city.

One of the most trusted names is Musement Madrid. The tour guide of Musement will not only help you get the best entry to the museum but also assist you in getting the best lodging and food options in the city. They have city guides available in most of the cities around the world and many satisfied clients. If you want to make best out of your visit in Spain, then do contact the guided tours.