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Our experience exploring Berlin with the Berlin Citysightseeing Bus Tour


Berlin is an amazing capital. Its history, its imposing buildings and its respect for history make it one of the most interesting places in Europe. It is a very interesting multicultural city, with activities for adults and children.

Berlin, monumental Germany

There are endless visits to Berlin, stopping to contemplate its beautiful monuments. Berlin, Germany, is adorned by a great variety of monuments of great beauty that you will not want to miss. The Brandenburg Gate, once the entrance to the city, is one of the main attractions offered by the German capital. This door has been a silent witness to all the events that have taken place in the city over the last two centuries. A few meters away, you can discover the goddess Victoria on a quadriga driven by four steeds.

Get to know the tallest building in Germany by going to the Television Tower, located at the foot of Alexanderplatz. From its top you can contemplate spectacular views that will allow you to observe the city in all its splendor.

The Second World War left its mark forever in Berlin, Germany. The Church of the Remembrance is a clear example of it since it was destroyed during the war and nevertheless it was decided not to reconstruct it as an anti-war symbol. Another point of interest in the city, which also evokes a solemn sadness are the remains that still remain of the Berlin Wall. By looking at it you can imagine the terrible situation in which the city was involved, divided into two halves. But how to explore it all? And at an affordable cost? Why don’t you use the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour? If you want more info about this tour service, click on Berlin bus tours reviews & comparison.

Our experience in using Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour of Berlin

We took a few trips using this type of tourist service to get to know some European cities. So this city could not be less and we are going to leave our experience to expand the views of the tourist bus in Berlin. At least there are 4 tourist bus companies in Berlin. We chose the Tourist Bus Citysightseeing and the conclusion is that it is worth the tourist bus of Berlin because in a short time it can make a very extensive tour and with very interesting explanations.

The Berlin Citysightseeing tour bus has 2 routes:

– The Classic Tour
– The Tour of the Wall

Each route lasts 120 minutes.

During the whole trip you have comments in your language of what you see through the headphones. Each route is a ticket that costs € 19 although there is also the possibility of booking a combined tour valid for two days and costing € 25.

The ideal way to land in the city

You will only have to print the receipt that you will receive upon finishing the online purchase process and deliver it along with an identification document in any of the Berlin tour buses that you take. The truth is that it is the ideal way to land in the city and get a global idea of ​​it. We already did that with the segway because we did not need it so much anymore. Precisely the Citysightseeing did not stop at the Bundestag but at the Brandenburg Gate, near anyway, and we went there.

In general, the bus from the Gate passes in front of the Parliament, crosses the river Spree by the bridge of Calatrava, skirts the river and continues towards the column of victory. There, take the avenue that goes to the Charlottenburg Palace across Berlin’s main park, the Tiergarten.


Visit the area of ​​West Berlin, the Kurfurstendamm avenue and the Church of the Remembrance or Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. After that, you pass through the embassy area and enter Potsdamerplatz. You pass in front of the old building of the Luftwaffe and Topography of Terror and pass through the Gendarmenmarkt where you will see the French church and its German twin.

The stop

Specifically, it leaves you facing the most famous mural, that of Breznev’s kiss and the president of the DRA, Communist Germany.

Interested? Why don’t you make your booking online? Enjoy Berlin as soon as possible!