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How to Qualify for Italian Citizenship

Italian Citizenship

If you are wondering how to become an Italian citizen, worry no more. You may obtain                                                                            Italian citizenship even if you were not born there. The journey to becoming a citizen can be a bit lengthy but rewarding.

Several guidelines can help you know whether you or your family member qualifies for Italian citizenship. You are eligible to become an Italian citizen under the law by marriage, descent, or meeting specific criteria.

Descent Italian Citizenship (Jure Sanguinis)

According to Italian law, you are eligible for Italian citizenship if your ancestors kept a continuous citizenship line until your generation. If you got born in a different country and you received its citizenship at birth, known as jure soli (by the law of the soil), you are eligible to claim to be an Italian citizen “Jure Sanguinis” (by bloodline law). However, you must have vital documentation and meet other available requirements.

Marriage (Jure Matrimonii)

The Italian law allows you to apply to be a citizen since 27th April 1983. If you are a foreign spouse to an Italian citizen living in Italy, you qualify to be a citizen after two years in marriage. However, if you live abroad, you will wait for three years in marriage before getting Italian citizenship. The vital documents you need include a marriage certificate, proof of residency document, and criminal background clearance.

Naturalization or Immigration.

Those people born in Italy before 16th August 1992, but later became citizens of another country, automatically lost their Italian citizenship by naturalization. If you are a victim of naturalization because of past immigration processes, you can reclaim your benefits and rights of dual citizenship.

Renouncing To be an Italian Citizen

You can renounce your rights as an Italian citizen because of personal or business reasons. Dual citizens living abroad under the register AIRE (Registry of Italian nationals living abroad) can also voluntarily renounce being Italian citizens. To do that, they need to declare formally and submit the vital documents at the consulate on their appointment day.

Benefits of Becoming an Italian Citizen

  • You can buy property in Italy and decide to live there.
  • You get the right to work and apply for jobs in the European Union
  • You are free to live, study and work in Italy and across the 27 countries in European Union without a visa.
  • You become a qualified Italian voter, and you can travel anywhere in the world using an Italian visa.
  • You enjoy the right to public education and high-quality medical care that only European Union citizens have access to them.
  • You can import vehicles and other valuable items tax-free from the United States to Italy as your personal properties.
  • You can establish and reconnect cultural and family ties that associate with your Italian heritage.


There are legal paths to reclaim your rights as an Italian citizen. However, you must provide necessary documentation that proves that you are eligible. There are three ways in which you may qualify for citizenship. They include by marriage, by descent, and by naturalization or immigration. You can also renounce your Italian citizenship through a formal declaration and submission of necessary documents at the consulate. If you qualify for Italian citizenship, you may apply to enjoy the many benefits available.