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Four of the Best Road Trips in Australia


Whether you find yourself in Australia on holiday or live there and want to see some of the areas with friends and family, there is nothing quite as fun and exciting as a road trip. While flying can certainly get you to your destination more quickly, there is nothing that can compare to the fun of exploring the world around you as you travel by car. One way to make the travel safer, more fun, and more cost-effective is to consider a campervan for the drive, especially if you have more than just yourself as a passenger.

The East Coast of Tasmania

Starting in Hobart, you need only gather up your supplies and pack them into your campervan before hitting the road toward your first stop: Orford. On the way, expect to see some of the most spectacular coastal views and landscapes, often with a taste of salt and adventure in the air. As you make your way, you may choose to stop wherever it is safe and legal to get some photographs of the adventure, and this is also a great opportunity for passengers to stretch and explore on their own before reaching Orford and then eventually Swansea.

Cairns to Cape York

Cairns campervan hire is extremely cost effective, and it will allow you to start off your road trip at one of the more famous cities in Australia. This journey is filled with iconic adventure, and “doing the Cape” is something many thousands of Aussies dream of doing at least once in their lifetime. This is a pilgrimage of sorts that will allow you to uncover many hidden beauties along the way, discover new landscapes, and watch marvellous wildlife in its natural habitat as they go through the daily struggle of life.

The Great Ocean Road

Campervan hire is one of the best things you can do for yourself when planning to explore the Great Barrier Reef and other wonders of Australia, such as the Great Ocean Road. Unlike some other areas of the continent, this is one drive that has not fallen victim to its own fame, and you can find many small and beautiful towns, such as Port Campbell, and developed beaches, such as Lorne, to explore along the way. If you want to get a taste of some healthy local foods that will satisfy even the most selective of eaters, you can take a short detour to visit the Ridge Organic Food Store & Café.

The Big Lap

As the name would suggest, this is one road trip that will take you all over the continent to see some of its most memorable locations, attractions, and wildlife. This is a great experience made up of many different adventures spanning the whole of the continent, and it will surely leave you satisfied with your stay in Australia. This road trip can take months, even years, to complete, but it can be taken in small sections over the course of a person’s lifetime, and campervans make it easier for you to enjoy the trip by eliminating the need for hotels and restaurants from your budget.