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6 Best Travelers’ Choice Train That Are Great for Travelling


India is known for the complex and lengthy railways across the nation that connects big and small cities. There are so many different types of trains in India and there are super facilities on some trains. It is a big improvement from the first time that railway tracks were constructed.

Here are some of the best train rides in India by traveler’s choice including express trains and luxury trains.

  1. Rajdhani Express

This is one of the super fast trains in India alongside the Duronto Express and the Shatabdi Express Train. This is one of the trains that has changed the face of railways in India. There are different routes that the train runs and the cabins are first to have air-conditioned in the Indian trains. Also, there are snacks and tea/ coffee such as high tea, morning tea, lunch or dinner as per the timings of the travel. Moreover, all of this is included in the train fare.

  1. Shatabdi Express

The famous Shatabdi Express train in India boasts of expanded facilities onboard and improved customer experience. Under a project Swarna some trains that includes the two famous express trains in India – Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express were selected for better services. While Rajdhani has stainless steel wash basins and auto – janitor toilets, there is real time feedback taken from travelers on Shatabdi Express too. Moreover, cleaner coaches and toilets, catering, staff behaviour, entertainment and security are main dimensions of the new and improved Shatabdi express trains.

  1. Palace on Wheels

This is India’s very first luxury train when luxury travel was introduced in the country. These were the carriages where high dignitaries, ancient Maharajas, Nizam of Hyderabad, and British viceroy traveled in earlier. Now this luxury train accommodates travelers who can pay the Palace on Wheels fare and enjoy the best sightseeing destinations in India in complete luxury. There is a personal ‘khidmatghar’ for a carriage, saloons with different bed arrangement, washrooms with running water and geyser hot water, shower, toilet, etc. This train offers meals in the lavish dining cars onboard, a pantry for snacks, bar and lounge too.

  1. Duronto Express

This express train overtakes the Rajdhani Express in terms of speed of travel. The train rolls non-stop except for certain technical halts. The very first of this long distance express train is on the Sealdah – New Delhi route which took 16 hours. Now, there are numerous routes and the Duronto Express train meaning ‘restless’ in Bengali runs various parts of the country. There is also free food offered in the sleeper class, 1st, 2nd & 3rd tiers with choice of vegetarian and non – vegetarian at booking time as it is included in the tickets. Other onboard facilities includes charger points, bottle holders, LED night lamps and switches, and also sliding doors that gives view into other coaches as they are transparent.

  1. Maharajas Express

This luxury express train has redefined luxury train travel in the country. With lavish facilities in regal ambiance and all modern facilities onboard this train definitely tops the list. There are 2 lavish restaurants with fine upholstery, lighting, wall lamps, colorful ceiling frescoes, and wall – to –  wall carpeting. The food is served by professional and friendly staff on silver platter and fine cutlery. Guests can also enjoy a spa onboard and many interesting activities on off-board sightseeing tours. They are taken to visit some of the top destinations in India that are vast and ancient. There is also a souvenir shop onboard so that guests can purchase items and keep it for memory. Know more about the Maharajas Express departure dates for this season.

  1. Deccan Odyssey

This luxury train also referred to as ‘India’s Blue Train’ has 12 guest coaches with spacious cabins that are comfortable and hygienic. There is a telephone facility, around – the – clock attendant, personal safe and attached washrooms in the air-conditioned cabins. Guests can enjoy multi – cuisine served by staff in traditional Maharashtra attire in the Peshawa – I and  Peshawa – II restaurants. The bar has an electric stock of local and international labels and there is a sitting lounge to relax and talk. The train also has an onboard spa with traditional Ayurvedic spa massage for passengers.